Zaytoven Lists Measures To Independent Good results In The Business – Famed producer Zaytoven has observed a lot of wins in his career. From 1999 to these days, the producer has worked with the likes of music’s finest like Nicki Minaj, Usher, The Migos, Gucci Mane and a lot more.

In this exclusive interview with VladTV, Zaytoven reveals how he came to attain such productive wins and how he managed to do so as an independent artist in the music business.

First, Zay explains how operating extensively on your craft can aid cultivate a distinct sound. Whilst he didn’t reach accomplishment until 2004, he says the time does not exist any longer for new acts due to the fact of viral fame. Making beats each day and showcasing his work with artists helped his name construct buzz.

One more tip Zaytoven recommends is staying true to oneself. Following the independent path inside and out has kept him grounded. He explains how Gucci Mane identified faith in him since he employed organs and piano sounds in his beats. Given that it wasn’t the trendy sound spreading around Atlanta, Gucci was impressed by his function.

Lastly, Zaytoven says the “favor of God” has given him success. He prays and keeps a spiritual balance when it comes to his life path.

From following those rules, he’s been capable to venture outdoors of his music by making two films, Birds of a Feather ( and Finesse (, each released on Netflix. He’s also released a book titled, A to Zay( The book focuses on his decade long career and a lot more useful guidelines on the music business.

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If you are an intermediate, here’s how you ought to go about improving

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  1. A lot of People take all the credit in their success , and blame God for their failures , Zaytoven is real. Lots of respect to this man.

  2. Savage Productions

    as a kid Zaytoven was probably like "mom, I want to become a producer full time," mom says, good luck with that, now go do your homework. now look at him, making millions and meeting famous rappers for his job.

  3. god doesnt make you successful and god doesnt put you in any position. you did that yourself. you made the music, you promoted your music, your talents were recognized by other people in the industry. how can he explain atheist celebrities.

  4. Twandaye (Teknon)

    All this talk about "god" and praying, then he goes and supports rappers who degrade women, promote violence, and encourage people to value money, social status, vanity and tangible assets… And what’s just as stupid is that people are too braindead to realize what’s going on

  5. Artist Hustle

    Great video DJ Vlad. It starts with your work ethic. You have to put in work. Be yourself and authentic. Have faith and be patient along your journey. Be willing to try other things and diversify your income. I’ve been posting videos here on YT for artists on marketing, branding, and promotion. The feedback has been great.

  6. Matarese Circle

    Zaytoven – You hit me in the soul when you said your 3.Step !!! You took ONLY 5 years to become rich, living the way u live, while like you also said "there may be others who are maybe better than me but God will never put him in the position to "make it" – I’m one of these.Why?I started playing music as a child, a piano-flute in a small orchestra, then I had to move to another city…and now I’m sitting at the same spot after producing my music more than 10 years with different daw etc. – But I’m still broke like 10 years ago! Damn!Oh yeah…am older than you but still living with my parents.My artist name is The 41 Pills. I feel now like a totaly failure :/

  7. dkofficialchannel

    step 3… great realistic advise… pray to god—. i don¨t believe in god so that is fucking useless information

  8. I’m a independent artists and I appreciate video s like this .. Everybody Google Kansas City Cartel give me a listen ,hate ,comment n subscribe

  9. Rick Rijuana Music

    @ 2:50 I’m guilty of it to Lol but that’s real. I’ve had to get back to what I like because everybody makin trap beats & I’m tired of hearin it

  10. Cali GirL Pretti

    BayareaArtists=Independent Success. We the ONLY ones that know how to make it MAINSTREAM on our OWN. #CaliSoSmart #WeBeenDoinThis

  11. Goldine Saintil

    I like that God is perfect its true do all the hard work be unique but praying and putting God first and if He don’t put you there its not happening

  12. Ruben Garcia

    This inspired me. Vlad hmu tho bro. I did video work for you on the intervew on twista. Everyone fallow my insta Live_colors100

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