Young Thug – Wyclef Jean [Official Video]

YSL x 300 x Directed by Pomp&Clout
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From: Young Thug



  1. godfrey st. fleur

    You’re right! As long as you got the desired effect in the end. Then who cares if he didn’t show up. The video was great and you still got paid in the end?????????

  2. Jake Dotson

    So many hundreds iv’e done had imma lose em.. Put me in the jaggi or the raven or da cougar… damn good line from thugger stayyy up fam

  3. Григорий Лебединцев

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  4. TheRealCritique

    LMK when a white guy can openly say he wants to do a video with ‘mad bitches’ and ‘hella hos’. Fuck this music. It’s straight up bullshit and total hypocrisy. Look that word up if you have to because you’re not edumucated.

    Congtratulations on dragging vocals even further into the toilet than they were already.

  5. The video cost 100k. About 3k views on youtube = $1. This video has 30,901,421 views at the time of this comment.
    So they made back (assuming this channels monetized) $10,300 roughly. Interesting.

  6. at what point does a "satire" on indulgence and decadance become part of indulgence and decadance
    answers on a postcard….

  7. Evan - Lavacrush

    I feel like Ryan got really passive aggressive and turned this in, they fucking loved it and he got really confused

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