Young Thug Confirmed Gay: Hip Hop/Rap News 5-27-2015

A quick countdown of the week’s hottest Hip Hop News.
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  1. Sunny Shelton

    do black people kill off their own race because they were slaves and were trained to do this? no disrespect.they just seem stupid. they talk stupid, disrespect their own women and kill themselves.

  2. Marjoni Tripp

    I didn’t see young thug tall ass anywhere. An who ever said take the pants off are trying to steal the jeans. Doesn’t mean they gay

  3. toughy guys dont go to hollywood they go down the block and put skirts on the corner now and suck some cocks so they can go to hollwood soon and sit on ‘the chair’

  4. juvae anderson

    young thug ain’t gay that nigga has his style just like every other rapper in the game.. it’s like calling riff raff gay cuz that nigga has his hair dyed the color of the fuck ing rainbow half the time

  5. where i come from you cant be gay and thug. everybody will rob you and bully you… you dont have to do shit being gay its a good enough reason.

  6. Trayqwon Desse

    you know I’m pretty sure this nigga don’t even care if people think hes gay all he cares about is making that ?

  7. Demarco Elementary

    ouuuuuuu this ‘goon’ robbin another male for his jeans….. or even if hes doing it for humiliation that’s fucked up,ill kill someone before I do that shit that niggas stand for shit

  8. black on black crimes need to stop, were supposed to be better than this shit. stop stealing people shit go work for your shit

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