Why J.Prince Is The “Most Feared Man In Hip Hop” Birdman Far better Be Cautious!!


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  1. I always wanted to know who owned that House in Belize I passed there a lot I do jet ski tours around the area damn put me to work boss!

  2. Jason Stewart

    Respect to J Prince but why do people feel the need to say someone is scared or fears someone else. There are people walking this earth that fear no one. Yes, Prince got money, power and clout but do you really think dudes who came up from the hoods and projects of the murder capitol and grew up amongst people who would kill you for as little as a dirty look really fears anyone? Biggie said it best. "picture me being scared of a nigga that breathes the same air as me."

  3. Believe me guys. J. Prince is the coolest nigga you will ever meet. Buuut very very hood. I’m from Louisiana but I have seen this nigga with my own eyes.
    But you know what you guys just be easy

  4. Deep Thought

    Can’t be supporting these white people tryna use the black culture and platform to stay relevant, this guy’s voice just doesn’t fit in to the culture, IJS do your own thing we poor enough stop stealing our light

  5. Captain Ugly

    quiet calculative and patient and respectful is what i saw and That can be extremely dangerous lol. label is a founding father as well mad respect for him

  6. This guys ora reminds me of a hit man that you don’t want to cross. I knew nothing about him until Master gave him respect in a video I stumbled across this evening. (Now I find this video)

    He appears to me like a straight UP "REAL" STREET OG who has gotten his respect & power in the streets LONG before the RAP industry. But appears to be an amazing Business man.

    This man said:

    I’m not gonna LIP WRESTLE with you….(SEXY SHIT?)

    BAD News is gonna beat you home?

    YO all I’m going to say is:

    LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE….(Serious Face & Laughing @ His Smooth Ass Sexy Swag)


  7. richard schieman

    when i heard the man speak i recognized him from the first geto boys album that hit me like a hammer didn,t know the main man behind that great rap thanks for vid from holland

  8. Laifer Reyes

    When I was a teenager in my country, I remember there was a guy who looked just the J Prince, same age and all, and he could just mesmerize young blondes like that, it was amazing, with his soft talk. So I learned from him that size, skin color and status gets you pussy easier but it’s not a precondition. Hat off to the J Princes of the world.

  9. this shit deeper than rap yall wouldnt understand i promise yall Mr Prince a real street nigga yall really wouldnt understand but ima leave yall un tha dark real Niggas kno whats up

  10. I feel J Prince but at the same time you can’t step in between other grown man’s beef all the time if Drake start something Drake should finish it himself instead of running to Prince to help him like he’s his daddy or something

  11. J Prince is feeding a lot of niggas in Texas. he is really about that Mafia shit, but never signed to his record label cuz he will take all your money

  12. Ty j.prince for bringing the geto boyz to the world and doing good for yourself your mom family and those in need
    And your a man of god and stand for justice,.much love 2 you and god bless you

  13. Man birdman don’t give a fuck about this bitch ass NIGGA dats why birdman JACKED him & HIS son out of drake & STILL HAVEN’T paid they bitch ass yet now that’s gangsta s/o to birdman for JACKING y’all HERO outta drake ????

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