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There is probably no concern in 2017 hip-hop a lot more divisive than the merits of so-named “mumble rap.” The term, which is now applied to a wide swath of new artists with different styles, originated as a way to describe artists like Future and Young Thug, whose lyrics are usually initially difficult to decipher. Nonetheless, the tradition of focusing on melody and flow over lyrical articulation goes back considerably additional to artists like Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and more. These days, “mumble rappers” like Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, and the aforementioned Future rule the charts, and even classic MCs are taking notice, for much better or for worse.

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History of Canadian Hip Hop music:

The Canadian hip hop began in the early 1980’s. The rise of hip-hop in Canada coincided with the rise of hip hop in America, but, in contrast to American hip hop, it remained underground for practically 20 years. Canadian hip hop bloomed all through the 80’s, but was never in a position to elevate previous the underground scene, due to a lack of urban themed Canadian radio stations and a lack of infrastructure to promote such music. In 1989, Maestro’s “Let Your Backbone Slide” became the first Canadian hip-hop song to reach the national Leading 40, and remained the highest promoting Canadian hip-hop song till 2008, when Canadian Kardinal Offishall teamed with American artist, Akon, to release “Dangerous”.

For the duration of the 1990’s, there had been two flunked attempts produced by Milestone Radio to apply for an urban music station in Toronto. This failure, fused with few significant hip-hop record offers, led to hip-hop remaining underground for some time. Urban Music Association of Canada was founded in 1996, and their principal aim was to market Canadian hip hop acts.

1998 was a great begin for hip-hop scene in Canada. The Rascalz, a hip hop band from Canada, conflated with some of the emerging talents, which includes Kardinal Offishall, to record “Northern Touch”- a single which broke into the Top ten in most main markets. In that year, the Rascalz’s albumn, Cash Crop, won a Juno Award for Ideal Rap Recording- an award presented off-camera.

In 2000, the Canadian Radio-tv Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) was issued an Order-in-Council by the federal cabinet, directing it to give preference to radio station applications that connected to the multicultural diversity of Toronto. This lead to Milestone Radio lastly getting accepted for an urban format station in Toronto. In 2001, CFXJ became the 1st Canadian Urban radio station.

Kardinal Offishall was the first hip-hop artist from Canada, make use of the new Canadian and satellite Urban radio industry to strike it large. His song, “Hazardous”, a duet with American rapper Akon reached number five on the Billboard Hot one hundred. Canadian rapper, Drake, was the 1st Canadian hip hop superstar. Drake has had five songs crack the Canadian Hot one hundred and 11 songs crack the Billboard Hot 100, given that 2009.

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  1. Calvin Nike

    I think people need to stop hating on mumble rap because it has actually made rap music more popular. Also, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty and Future are not mumble rappers. I can understand what they are saying.

  2. BGRsupporter

    "That’s keepin’ honest, who’d and you copy after?
    Erase your socials, I own my masters
    I’m a trend-setter to you trendin’ rappers
    I would mumble too if I was rappin’ backwards
    I would mumble too if I was just a puppet
    Talk about my dick and how these bitches love it
    Never had a filter, never one to fuck with
    Told me turn my sound to know whatever’s buzzin’……..

    And your album sounded like one track"

    Artist: Witt Lowry
    Album: I Could Not Plan This
    Track: Blood In The Water

  3. You give the negro long enough, they will have a vocabulary of no more than 25 words. Low IQ negros cannot communicate properly due to their retardedness. They seem to think being a retard is cool and there are countless retards "mumbling" in the music industry. This is why they should be chained up in cages like the sub humans they are.

  4. Isaac Badell-Riviere

    If these mumble rappers wanna mumble, so be it. Let them have their community. I️ just hate the fans and how cocky they are. I️ hate all the terms like “G.O.A.T.” And how people call others trash and can’t appreciate the classics. I️ want stuff to be real and more like the classics, that’s why Kendrick is one of few new schoolers I️ like. We need more like him in this new generation, to help us remember what got us here. Mumble rap is mumble, not rap. Similar, but not the same. I️ want rap back.

  5. I can hear er’thang lil catchy sayings and designer and lil uzi and rich the kid are saying they aint fuckin mumbling why r’body say they fumble nigga I can rap along with all the lyrics to most of all their songs first time hearing them it aint no mumbling, Wiz kalifi was jus high as fuck so he count hear what they was saying n shit like I hear er’thang they saying, so dumb how people say they mumble rap. BITCH GET FUCKIN HEARINAIDS NIGGA FUCKIN LISTEN, people aint good listeners is all. Mumble rap isn’t even a topic cuz they aint mumble rappin.

  6. Marius Borcosi

    Future is not a mumble rapper cuz you need you need to know things about him to understand his lyrics and is deffinetly the best rapper today

  7. Evilhero 1988

    What ever you think so be it but I personally believe mumble rappers blow up too early and they don’t respect the trials and tribulations of older rappers. There’s even time’s where lil Uzi vert said in an interview
    What if I don’t wanna spit a hot 16, ain’t nobody dancing on cardboard any more signifying that he didn’t care about the struggles that brought Hip Hop evolution the the years but only his success

  8. Suprotim Karmakar

    i used to hate mumble rap but i liked xo tour llife ….i love lyricism but sometime acc. to my mood…mumble rap fits fine….so yeah …njoy both brothas 🔥

  9. Keith Evans

    I’m sure alot of people came on the defense of Hairy Rock and MTV Rock videos during the 80s but if we go back now and look at the genre now,we can all agree it was trash,the same way we are going to look back on so called mumble rap,20 years!!!total trash

  10. Jeremiah Strank

    how tf is genius gonna introduce em as "arguably one of hip-hop’s greatest emcees of all time" but then just say kendricks name like he’s not the greatest emcee of all time smh

  11. It’s the autotune. The stupid repeating of aye and shit. The shouting an screeching. You can’t decipher what they’re saying. THATS mumble rap

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