INDY – Won’t Hide (Prod. By Pro Logic)

Download INDY – Won’t Hide (Prod. By Pro Logic)
Indy, also known as Ian Robert McGirr, is a young Hip-Hop/Rap artist from New Jersey. We was heavily influenced by his older brother Ray’s passion for music. At a young age, Indy started recording raps for entertaining with his pals during his freshman year of high college. Considering that 2011, his talent has elevated in each lyrically and artistically. He lately came out with a new album known as “The Red Notebook Story”. You can verify it out here:
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Worst Part Of Indianapolis Mikey Dawg Feat J rock & Dumway

FME Presents: Energy Up Music Mixtape
Bottom Life Movement

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Indianapolis 1st Annual Hip Hop Music Fest 2014

Indy Hip Hop Music Fest 2014 Shot by @blackhitchcock1
a.k.a Steven Morgan

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Brittany Street – Indy Hip Hop Artist @ Spin Nightclub

I get a heart to heart with one particular of Indy’s hottest up and coming hip hop artists – Brittany Street. She’s fabulous.

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The Microphone Fiend Indy Hiphop Cypher Ep.5

Episode 5 of The Microphone Fiend Indy Hip Hop Cypher.

Created by: DisTinct
Directed by: David Nixon and Jake Huber
Shot by: Jake Huber, Alex Faulker , and Ty Higgs
Drone Operator: Fred Miller
Audio: Nathan Kane
Graphic: Nathan Storm
Art by: FAB Crew (

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The Microphone Fiend Indy Hiphop Cypher Ep.two

Episode two of The Microphone Fiend Indy Hip Hop Cypher.

Developed by: DisTinct
Directed by: David Nixon
Shot by: Jake Huber and Mike James
Edit: Mike James
Audio: Nathan Kane
Place: Square Cat Vinyl

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♫ urban8 – korean underground hiphop/r&b playlist


1 – 00:00 – Offonoff – Photograph
2 – 04:00 – Bevy Maco -Summer Fever
three – 06:01 – B-Jyun – Alter
4 – 10:27 – Bevy Maco – Undesirable Dreams (Ft. Summer Soul)
5 – 15:38 – Offonoff – Moon, 1204 Am
six – 19:16 – Punchnello – Accurate
7 – 22:05 – Ovcoco – Me & You (Feat. Bevy Maco, Jeebanoff)
eight – 26:47 – Theplan8 X Jeebanoff – How We Love
9 – 30:59 – Yeseo – Fill With Love
ten – 33:40 – Punchnello (펀치넬로) – Green Horizon
11 – 36:42 – Giiana – Paradise (Feat. Summer Soul)
12 – 39:53 – J.Lu – Off To (Ft. Summer Soul)
13 – 41:58 – B Jyun – Perceived
14 – 44:52 – Bravo – Surfin’ ( Feat. Juhwi )
15 – 48:08 – Take’m – In no way Had
16 – 52:07 – Who$ – Black Champagne (Ft.Naked Bibi)
17 – 55:30 – 설아 – One (Feat. Lilmoney)
18 – 59:11 – Saero – 나 요즘 (Lately I) (Feat. 앤트)
19 – 1:03:44 – 니화(NiiHwa) – Make Me Crazy (Feat. 계범주)
20 – 1:07:08 – Royal – 움직여 (Ft.Changmo)
21 – 1:11:31 – Ocean – yA-HEa
22 – 1:14:41 – GaEun Lee – Daybreak
23 – 1:19:07 – Villain – 총받이 (Front Line) (Ft. Moti)
24 – 1:24:04 – P.Odd (Jung Jin Woo) – 술래 (Feat. Villain, Moti)
25 – 1:27:27 – Jeebanoff – Sungbook Gu Little ones (삼선동 사거리)

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Make Hip Hop Beats- Produce Your Music

If you are just starting your profession or hobby in creating music, by way of trying your hand at creating beats, this report is undoubtedly for you. To make hip hop beats and other beats for different genre and style of music is an objective that all who enjoy music or would like to make a career in music is aiming for.



Admittedly, in the previous the process to make hip hop beats is easier imagined, and stated than it was done. It was for the basic and practical cause that in the previous the technology, skill, tools and gear required to make hip hop beats as experts do had been exclusive for the use and benefit of those who are currently in the music industry or as we say only for the “specialists”.



The great thing that occurred due to the digitalization of a lot of factors and the normally advent of advanced technology and totally free marketplace around the globe is that now, all these technologies which seemed out of reach in the past are already very much available for anybody and everybody. These days the only challenge coming in between a composer or musician and his future hit song is his personal creativity and imagination. These days, to make hip hop beats and other music is as straightforward as the click of your personal computer.
Right here are some tips you may possibly want to think about, just to get you began in your process to make hip hop beats.



•  Choose a reputable and easy to use beat creating software. In my case I located the excellent match in the beat generating application referred to as Sonic Producer. Do not be hasty in choosing for oneself do take time to browse through the internet for other models you could also want to contemplate.



•  Listen to functions of other pros. I know that you intend to make original music and make hip hop beats that is all you, but wit would also be excellent to think about what is in these days so that you can take them in consideration as you make your beats.



•  Choose the equipment and musical instruments you want to feature in your song. This is not really a issue and is not pricey at all, because beat producing application such as the Sonic Producer currently have these factors in their package.
Given that you are nevertheless starting out, attempt to focus very first on the beats, after you already the beats in your mind everything will just be a piece of cake.


The Microphone Fiend Indy Hiphop Cypher Ep.4

Episode four of The Microphone Fiend Indy Hip Hop Cypher.

Produced by: DisTinct
Directed by: David Nixon
Shot by: Jake Huber, Kyle MacKinnon, and Ty Higgs
Projection Artists: Double Unfavorable Design and style
Audio: Joel Stultz
Graphic: Nathan Storm

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Chat With Girl Hip Hop

If you are a individual who chat with girls, you do not have being macho or drop lifeless handsome. Every little thing you will need to be is emotionally stable. An one that is a sentimental basket has extremely tiny to accomplish anytime it comes to females. In case you hope for dating success, develop up your self-confidence and vanity and all of the distinct matters shall come following you. A secret worth leaking out is, the way to your woman’s heart is thru interest. If you spend focus to a woman they might normally reciprocate. It’s through chatting with numerous girls that you will figure out your accurate really like and your excellent match. You are most likely to also achieve sufficient expertise of ladies a trait a excellent a lot of guys lack.

Who is Toxica – is she a nasty girl or a great girl? She reminds me of Toxic Avenger – practically for instance like a feminine edition or his girlfriend.

Alternatively, if you would like to think about a state of self-confidence, proper right after this you ought to approach a lady whereas watching her directly in her eyes. Introduce your self and enquire if you can enroll in her, dance, and so on. regardless of the situation dictates. It is okay to take her delicately by the elbow, but refrain from placing your arm round her or trying to carry her hand. Guide, not pull. That is the fella who gets the girl!

Maybe you are not the man who often will get the girl, all the identical should you deal with a lady for instance she is an person and by no means a bit of meat (or a contest to become won) you will probably be shocked at the stage of consideration that you receive from woman. Women want to be aware of that they are wanted by you, but she doesn’t wish you to blatantly come out and say it in a crude way. Recognize the appropriate words and use them, and ahead of you know it, you will absolutely get the girl.

Principles. Do you undoubtedly consider the lady you are chatting to now requirements to hear about the celebration you bought drunk at last weekend and had that grand threesome? Girls for instance guys with principles and morals. Make an effort to withhold from stories for instance these – they will not win her more than. Soiled jokes may be okay, if she likes those variety of jokes. Make certain to chat with her and spend notice of troubles she likes. It is by and big a good thought to let her crack the very first joke, to make certain you can certainly see what sort of humor she has.

Getting ready to speak with girls and ladies is practically such as receiving ready for a function interview you would like to impress the lady and exhibit her your powerful points, merely as you will by making use of a job. In case you deal with her with esteem and comply with the suggestions listed above, I promise you the ladies will haven’t any difficulty discussing with you for a extended although. Very good luck with each other with your escapades!

Discover out the secrets of chat with girl here.

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1 HOUR 90s – Indie – Hiphop – Rap Mix

Hey Guys, this is a standard mix i did! Hope you Take pleasure in!!!!!!

1 Planet &amp San – Shine
two Beneath Achieva’z – Put on Ya Rubbaz
3 ULTRA – The Industy is Wack
4 The Oufit – The Outfit Presents…
5 The High &amp The Mighty – It is All For You (1997)
six The Doxxmen – Spontanaeous Combustion
7 Sugacane – God For All
eight Strictly Homicidal – Just Imagin’
9 Street Connect – Rollin’ More than You _ All Up In The Game
ten Splattahouse – Men of War
11 Spex – Listen Close
12 Silouette – Rude Girlz
13 Rundown Rolex Brewmasta Spex – Factory Assembly Line
14 Royal Fam – Summin’ Gotz to Give
15 Rick Da Bro – I Do not Wanna speak
16 Phi-Life Cypher – Track 10
17 Open Eyes – Riot Gear (1997)
18 Omniscience – I Gotta Preserve



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Hip Hop Jewelry


Hip hop artists alwasy come out with influentials lines of clothers, jewelry and perfumes which effect the wasy people are dressing. Such hip hop moguls contain Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Jay Z and Russell Simmons have all created effective hip hop lines which include hip hop jewelry and have contributed to the hip hop jewelry trends around the world, especially in the United States.

The most recent hip hop jewelry trend are custom produced belt buckles. The hip hop style industry have seriously taken hip hop jewelry to the subsequent level. These custom made belt buckles come in two different forms. The very first is a name plate on the belt buckle and the other is the higher tech belt buckle adorning a LED scrolling screen. This hip hop jewelry trend has taken off tremendously with some of the biggest hip hop names showing off their custom created hip hop jewelry belts.

This Hip Hop jewelry trend shows off the initials of the people or the complete name in celebs favored bling which are diamonds. Custom designed belt buckles can also express popular celebrity expressions such as Paris Hilton’s “That is Hott” slogan.

The option custom made belt buckle is the LED Scrolling screen. The style is a rectangular shaped belt buckle with a LED screen that is placed on best of it. The particular person then inputs up to eight of their favorite messages to show up on the screen. This hip hop jewelry screen messenger will then show these messages a single at a time by either scrolling across the screen or for added exposure they can brightly flash across the screen.

This is a popular hip hop trend that has caught on rapidly not only among celebrities but with the public as well. Society may possibly not have sufficient money for real bling bling, but there are undoubtedly imitation hip hop jewelry custom belt buckles that are getting exhibited on people’s waists all around the United States in the hip hop communities.

Not only have these hip hop pieces been the speak of the town but an actual hip hop jewelry occasion has taken numerous folks by surprise. Not too long ago the Phillips de Pury &amp Co. sold massive amounts of hip hop jewelry from famous hip hop celebrities such as Sean Combs, Notorious Big, Lil’ John Kayne West and the massive seller Tupac Shakur with a large amount of the proceeds going to charity. This is not a regular hip hop jewelry trend but it is the commence to a new trend that auction homes would like to begin due to the intense reputation of hip hop and the proceeds that it generates.


Hip hop artists are often hunting in the subsequent large point to invest in no matter whether it be a rising hip hop star or a rising hip hop jewelry trend. These jewelry trends take place at any provided moment. For now, custom built belt buckles are in and hip hop jewelry auctions are on the rise for jewelry from huge name Celebrities whose fashion trends will in no way be outdated.


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