Trey Songz – Animal [Official Music Video]

Trey Songz’ “Animal” from the new album TREMAINE THE ALBUM available now to stream and download:

Download & Stream TREMAINE THE ALBUM featuring “Nobody Else But You” , “Playboy”, “Song Goes Off”, “She Lovin It” and “Animal” available now!

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Directed by: Tremaine
Co-Directed by: YashXana
Screenplay written by: Tremaine & YashXana

Post Production/VFX: Elijah Steen/Scissorfilms

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From: Trey Songz

one hundredcampaign


  1. Tony Gordon

    my name is lil tony all womans from Orlando florida my zipcode code is 3w808 phone number is 407-675-1239 call me if you are big bone and brown skin hit me up i am single baby

  2. Celeste Jacquet

    This is misogynistic at it’s best. I like Trey’s music, but this disgusting. He’s the definition of Fuckboy in this video.

  3. It makes me feel self conscious watching all these gorgeous girls. It makes me feel like if I ever saw treyz song he wouldn’t even notice me.

  4. My tongue, your body is the "Prelude"
    "Come Over " so I can seduce you

    Bout to please my "#1Fan"
    Gonna do it like no one else can

    I don’t want "Nobody Else But You "
    Come find out what this "Playboy " can do

    Fresh out the dryer, "The Sheets Still " soft
    Ima deliver before "The Song Goes Off"

    A kiss on the neck and I got her wet
    Licking all over and "She Lovin It"

    Like a "Animal ", Ima eat you alive
    1×1, Ima kiss those hot spots (low & high)

    Your O Face is "Priceless " & I want more
    If we can’t f***, "What Are We here For"?!

    I love the little "Games We Play"!
    Body is "Picture Perfect " in every way

    There’s no "Break From Love" with me
    Cuz Ima tease, please, make you cum & repeat

  5. Aline Desiree Kezetmin

    African american men need to stop singing bout fucking it will clean their soul looooool its too much.lool this mofo african blood is making you freak but you’re exagerating more often it makes you look like savages when i know youre not.

  6. Kim Joung Un

    that man says he fucks all these women but in reality he goes to these secret gay sex parties that Hollywood and the music industry does

  7. THe3 krazy productionz

    Music was pretty trash I bet he made this song so he could hire a bunch of girls to twerk on him and film it

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