Top ten Rappers and Hip Hop Artists

Leading 10 Rappers and Hip Hop Artists
Hip hop has provided birth to some of music’s most memorable and accomplished acts. From Jay-Z to Eminem to Tupac to Biggie, there is no telling what the genre would have been like with no these remarkable artists. In this video, count downs our picks for the leading 10 rap artists in history.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. Massive Pun
#9. LL Cool J
#8. Frequent
#7. 50 Cent
#6. Eminem
#five. Tupac
#4. The Notorious B.I.G.
#three. ??


Jay Electronica: Subsequent Massive Hip Hop Star

Busting onto the worldwide music scene in 2007 with the viral power of the internet behind him, Jay Electronica is frequently referred to in common music media as the subsequent massive point in hip hop. A somewhat mysterious figure in the music globe, Jay Electronica downloads are the major way of acquiring this young artists perform.

Still having not released a full album, Jay Electronica music mostly consists of singles and mixtapes created obtainable on the internet via Twitter, MySpace and linked fan pages. Though Jay Electronicas approaches of releasing his perform may possibly be unconventional, his recognition continues to develop regardless.

The most broadly discussed of the singles incorporate Jay Electronica Exhibit A. This certain single was released in 2008 by way of the web. The net release of Jay Electronica singles is the standard, starting with his now broadly known first release, Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), which was created accessible on the MySpace page of the artist in 2007.

Jay Electronica Exhibit C, released in 2009, was an immediate hit with fans and also garnered the artist a excellent deal of reputation in the hip hop globe. The track was awarded Immediate Classic status by MTV2 in the 2009 Sucker Free Summit, and generated quite the buzz in the media, resulting in several magazine articles and other interviews with the young American rapper.

With this whole buzz surrounding him, where precisely did Jay Electronica come from? The truth is that the Jay Electronica biography is a bit of a mystery, and most likely it will stay that way. It is the mysterious rise of this artist that tends to make him so very intriguing to so numerous fans, with the periodic new track popping up on the web, driving renewed interest in the emcee and making diehard fans really feel as though they are portion of one thing actually unique.

Numerous of Jay Electronica mixtapes and singles have featured nicely-identified hip hop artists and have been produced by some of the largest names in the business. How is it that such a mysterious figure as Jay Electronica has managed to acquire so numerous powerful contacts inside the music world?

The rapper was born in New Orleans in 1976s but has called a number of cities house more than the years, including Washington D.C., Denver, and Detroit. It was in Detroit that his contacts inside the industry boomed, beginning with acclaimed producer Mike Chav Chavarria, and expanding to contain Mr. Porter, J Dilla, Tone, Mos Def, and most notably, P Diddy and Jay-Z.

In truth, Jay Electronica is now an official member of Jay-Zs Roc Nation. He is on the verge of releasing a key production in 2011, and tracks started making their way across the web in 2010. The very first of these to appear was A Million in the Morning.

As far more and a lot more individual songs and videos of seem on-line, the buzz surrounding this young artist continues to grow. Jay Electronica lyrics and downloads are amongst the most widespread of hip hop connected world wide web searches and for good explanation, as Jay Electronica is bound to be the next huge hip hop star, given his continued success and potent foothold in the market. tags _DSC6311_v1


  1. Ej Lea-Scandrett

    This list is all out of wack. However, its nice to see Com on it! Heavily underrated, still to this day.

    Hov number one is a fucking joke. And this bitch said "Ruhkeem"… Its "Ra Kim". Literally pronounced how its spelled. Smfh


    Seriously, you put 2Pac and B.I.G so low, when they deserved to be a LOT, but a LOT higher to put Jay-Z at no.1? YIKES!!!
    And where the hell is Eazy-E?

  3. Alex221 Gaming

    1. Eminem
    2. 2pac
    3. Biggie
    4. Jay-Z
    5. Nas
    6. Dr. Dre
    7. 50 Cent
    8. Ice Cube
    9. Rakim
    10. Snoop Dogg
    Honorable mentions : Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Eazy-E

  4. My List (Not in order)
    1. 2pac
    2. Nas
    3. Kendrick Lamar
    4. J. Cole
    5. Eminem
    6. Big L
    7. Big Pun
    8. Rakim
    9. The Notorious B.I.G.
    10. Gang Starr

  5. 1. 2pac
    2. Eminem
    3. The Notorious B.I.G
    4. Ice Cube
    5. Nas
    6. Jay-Z
    7. Raekwon
    8. 50 Cent
    9. LL Cool J
    10. Ghostface Killah
    11. Kendrick Lamar
    12. Chuck D
    13. Dr Dre
    14. Snoop Dogg
    15. Rakim
    16. Big L
    17. Big Pun
    18. Common
    19. Big Daddy Kane
    20. J-Cole

  6. Dauntay Klinck

    1. Nas
    2. Eminem
    3. Biggie/Tupac (Interchangeable)
    4. Biggie/Tupac
    5. Andre 3000
    6. Kendrick Lamar
    7. Rakim
    8. Big L
    9. Jay-Z
    10. Ice Cube

  7. thetechnopath 135

    Eminem f*cking GOAT Stan, rap god, just lose it, lose yourself berzerk real slim shady love the way you lie not afraid cleaning out my closet when I’m gone like toy soldiers mockingbird every rap

  8. vitthal kshirsagar

    What the fuck man this bitch of wm
    They fucking don’t know anything
    Fuck em and 50 are 6 and 7
    And fuck 5 is fucking 2pac

  9. Kajukenbo808MMA

    Holy shit WatchMojo. Tupac and Biggie at #5 & #4? Seriously?… AND no Ice Cube nor Snoop Dogg? But what can I expect when we’re getting a white chick commenting on a hip-hop rap list.

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