StarKim: Speaks To The Youth About Hip Hop, And Speaks On Homosexuality.

From: Hip Hop News Media

A History of Hip Hop Music and Culture

Hip Hop and RnB have without query been the dominant music genre of the 2000’s. Roughly 40% of number 1 hits all through this period have either been hip hop or RnB illustrating perfectly how a when obscure music genre can dominate the mainstream music charts for a decade so much so, that it has designed a subculture unto itself.

If you don’t know, the father of Hip Hop culture was DJ Afrika Bambaataa who forged the five pillars of hip hop culture becoming DJ’ing, MC’ing, break dancing, graffiti and knowledge throughout the 70’s. An arguably late edition to these pillars is beat boxing however this was not initially deemed to be an integral component of Hip Hop Culture.

Originating from the Bronx, Hip Hop culture is without having query most identifiable with African Americans, however has been adopted by all ethnicities both in the USA and around the planet, largely due to the contribution of Hip Hop groups such as RUN DMC and Public Enemy as properly as hip hop music icons such as Grand Master Flash in the course of the late 80’s.
Enormous contributions to hip hop music and culture were also made by notable break dance crews such as the Rock Steady Crew, New York Breakers, as properly as the Kool DJ Herc, who pioneered the hip style of DJ’ing and turntableism which is nonetheless utilised right now.

Due to the explicit language used as nicely as controversial subjects that hip hop music addressed, conservative groups moved to censor hip hop music and artists on the basis that they glorified violence. If something this only elevated the reputation of the hip hop artists they attempted to regulate, and reinforced existing prejudices that proponents of hip hop music and culture had against the police and government.

So well-known now is hip hop music and culture that the national geographic published “hip hop is the world’s most well-known youth culture” in which every single country has its personal brand and take on hip hop music and culture. Without having question, hip hop is set to only grow, as a never ever ending line-up of hip hop artist cultivate their abilities around the planet and DJ’s spin their records in bars and nightclubs everywhere.


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  1. Most will miss this but Marcus was connected to a power that is evil in root… his questioning was methodical because the attacks were intended to disrupt Starkim’s path. He should have left when he started to originally. Opposers have a way of going after the hearts of those empowered by truth strictly with the intent to sway those with positive potential. Beware the wiles of the devil.

  2. Waldo Wayne

    kid is hungry and folks arent feeding direct accordance.
    kids true question: how safe can one be when theyre bringing their followers from the blind side of the matrix to the concious spectrum of life?

  3. Albert Pettibone

    Gay once meant happy…the homosexual or gay mafia have altered the entire lexicon pushing an agenda…the brother StarKim summed ups the entire matter with I’ll take care of me for you if you’ll take care of you for me!

  4. Princess Princess

    Older people can be a burden on younger people. They can be emotional, pushy and controlling to get their way with youngesters. Marcus does research and he knows what he wants to say. Marcus is wasting his time out there, because he is being degraded. Marcus learn from Young Pharoah and go on your own, because those old heads is wasting your time. You deserve better. Team up with with Young Pharoah or go on your own.

  5. Shaya Zachary

    Marcus think he is too above everyone to listen.. Silly ass facial expressions while the god is teaching.. Starkim is truth

  6. Marcel Cadiz

    Star-kim ty…but these other guys. Our camera and attention whores. That will take any little thing that they were taught.. And Sully it. spinning off into nowhere.. Just to look good. Apparently LOL. I’m so sick of Sankofa regurgitation. It makes me want to throw up. Sankofa let other people shine. & go practice the little bit of which you understand. stop acting like a SUCKA!!!!

  7. SSgt.Williams

    Marcus talks to dam much.He think He has something to say,and not saying shit that hasn’t already been said before.If He can keep His,mouth shut,He just might learn a thing ,are two.

  8. Elijah Tish

    Homosexuality is a result of or manifestation of
    Overfed,arrogant,and not giving a true fuk about your brother (tru homosexuality) anything else is timely ignorance,insecurity,or pure laziness all of the above is confusion “tell all signs Satan is at wrk”

  9. moneylong3573ify

    interesting segment, just lost me with the homosexuality topic, because homosexuality been here since the dawn of time, and yes i heard it all it was European taught, you were messed with or its learn behavior, listen it is more than just being conscious and aware , you must possess reasoning, be rash

  10. This is Black speaking at its best stay on your square real simple way to bring it back down and worry about self (Respect) To Sannter T.V. This is what the family needs to see us sticking together Respect to the Mic holders.

  11. marcus you good but this god is on another level you got to come down a bit some time and realize whos in front of you! even if you dont know him, but like the brother said you r words is everything know him by that!

  12. old niggaz tryin to slow a nigga down… young marcus im twice your age and i see you on point all the timebro…. you more advanced bro …starkim washed up and want you to b washed up too … do u bro learn the game but do u bro… these bums will lead u down the wrong path bro… old niggaz never want to hear a young nigga speak his mind… u need to phuc wit young pharoah!! now he "dont want to hear the rest".. he want you to hear him but not hear you out…. this nigga sound like ll cool j …. u sound smart to a dumb nigga…. do ya thang young marcus…

  13. Sol Mer KaBa Akoma

    Marcus shut up. The music you listen to is trash. You still think like a child. Nevertheless Marcus is looking suspect. He’ll make his announcement soon.

  14. He didn’t answer the young Cat’s question. But only in a round about way. Mentions giving simple answers but not very pragmatic at all.

  15. RioVaunnI UOENO

    what he said about turning negative into positive without god asking permission went straight over Marcuses head BC he’s really not all that mature yet ?

  16. This kid is annoying. Starkim is dropping jewels and he’s only focused on debating, lol. Boy you don’t have the knowledge!!

  17. Mamadou Ndoye

    money over everything..what’s the last part? the first part is a bit contradictory to "never mistake money for success"

  18. Starkim is so well spoken and sounds so intelligent , but if u hear his raps… His flows be shaky, his punches and metaphors is super light, what’s up with that brother ?

  19. Stephanie Jackson

    I have figured out all of these handsome African men sankofa is long winded however it works for him cause he is himself sankofa speaks his mind and is not emotional though passionate to were he tell you like it is not caring what you feel he has a voice starkim. Is a survivor and prepared for whatever and fearless young ahead of his time smart but once he learns to accept wisdom so when he reaches a certain age he will be able to teach the next generation he has to learn patience and let go of being a know it all he is very intelligent but he has to listen so he can elevate even more her man smalls knows how to be patient and humble but he keeps his balance but is nasty nice he conducts intelligence but don’t take your shit.either.he has been were you have gone and done what you think gone work but it’s not.saneter been through a lot so he chooses to make up his mind because of hardships he just has a attitude and what it is is I only believe in what I think life should be.

  20. Ye I said that

    Guy spoke so mush positive then start spitting about jazepys death and stardom everything between was good but freestyle let him down

  21. They did not let Marcus speak. Starkim was listening to respond. He wasn’t listening to understand what Marcus was saying. The arrogance that starkim speaks with is the same arrogance marcas speaks with but the only reason why no one respect what marcus was saying is because of his age. No offense to our elders but they love to disregard what we have to say and say we have no experience forgetting that most of these major movements started with young people. Starkim is right and Marcus is right but the only difference is Star listened to respond and didnt listen to try to understand where marcus was coming from. Arrogance isn’t needed in a lesson thats the quickest way to lose the ear of the youth. PS – Marcus was about to make a great point on nas before star interrupted him

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