Solo Lucci “Whip It” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

The official WorldStarHipHop premiere of Solo Lucci’s “Whip It” music video off his ‘Life Right after Death’ mixtape out March 2015.

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Directed by @DirectorCricket
Label: Bases Loaded Records
Booking Information: Dee (404) 333-1378

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The Market For Hip Hop Artists Who Purchase Rap Beats


Everything has changed when it comes to music creation, promotion and distribution in the last couple of years. It’s become effortless to acquire rap beats, record songs and get some significant funds produced through music due to the fact of new technologies. Not only that, it seems that the industry is in fact turning in favor of the independent movement. Main labels are getting left in the dust and artists everywhere are beginning to come up fast.

Numerous men and women are constantly speaking about how the business is ruined, which is absolute nonsense, but cyber pirating has some musicians seriously scared. If you happen to be below the impression that now is a negative time to come into the business since of the invention of the world wide web, you are seriously dead wrong. I can’t explain this enough times. Songs are becoming spread virally for cost-free by way of email attachments and file transfers but this is definitely no explanation to fret.

Here’s the truth, in case you want to hear it… Although songs are becoming sent around the virtual space at ridiculously quickly prices, the reality remains that, according to expert’s research, only 20% of all music is pirated or otherwise noticed as a loss in sales. That means that 80% of music lovers nonetheless acquire music, regardless of Limewire and other solutions that make it straightforward to steal music.

It really is my individual belief that records will constantly sell, for all of eternity, for as lengthy as there are fans to buy the music. Why? Effectively I say this because these who purchase music do not get it just since they want to listen to it… In reality, in today’s market it’s significantly much more probably that they have access to those exact same songs for totally free… The reason they buy is simply because they want to support the artists which they appear up to so considerably.

In fact there is a lot to appear forward to as a recording artist right now. Although the major labels are seeing a mysterious decline in record sales, I believe I can pinpoint the causes for that. The main market is not altering to operate with the digital era. This is why the independent scene is expanding at such a dramatic rate while the majors are falling off swiftly. Major labels are known for spending huge amounts of money on every a single of their artists, falling brief on record sales numerous times and ending up not creating any profit. With the couple of artists that do profit, the majors continue putting a lot more and more funds into them. The artists that fail to bring in substantial record sales are just dropped from the label, and the losses are recovered by their mega famous artists.

Independents run on a fully various business model. It can not be assumed that all of the music market is doing badly when that merely is not the case. Final year, in 2009, Billboard magazine predicted that 50% of all album and single sales have been made by independents… That is some severe selling energy! It’s simply because websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have created it achievable to promote on a wide scale with out the need for a large price range.

Distribution has also turn into really cheap. Just before you had to go via a main label or somebody with some severe connections if you wanted to be trusted with worldwide distribution. With companies such as Tunecore increasing, it’s turn out to be very affordable. You can get your music on all the major mp3 retailers, such as iTunes and Rhapsody, for a cost that almost anybody can afford. It is the type of payment you can manage with a straightforward 9-5 job. Production has turn into easy to discover as nicely, with companies such as Beats4Legends selling licenses to hip hop beats for really minimal charges. So 1st you need rights to the beats, then you require to record… After that, use the net to market, distribute and make some severe coin! Visit the links in the paragraph beneath to check out Beats4Legend’s internet site and purchase instrumentals nowadays.


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  1. glans galore

    Hey all.
    Thanks for all the comments and thoughts! I really appreciate them! Since I found yet another sign by Jason Shelowitz I thought you might want to see it:-)

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  3. johndoeboy001

    Some rappers compared him to 2pac so I came to check him out & this sounds like typical down south music smh yea I’m the hating ol head , hip hop all fucked up

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