SNOOP DOGG’S HIP-HOP Career IS Over, NOW Attempting TO BEEF WITH TRUMP TO Generate Focus

SNOOP DOGG’S HIP-HOP Profession IS Over, NOW Attempting TO Produce Attention WITH TRUMP BEEF Once again

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    he still getting money from streaming he makes alot of money still who cares how u feel he still relevant regardless of how u feel he is a master of the golden age of Hip Hop salute

  2. Bruzza Brooks

    I love his weed songs Bro cant believe u hattin on 420 blaze up and mountkushmore so what hes 46 im 47 he not washed up!!

  3. norm liggins

    ha ha its to late he is already one of the greatest hip hop rappers of all time haters he has nothing to prove you cant change that

  4. kingedward209

    bruh u a certified hater posting someone earned life and your tryna generate cash but can’t get money for it…and wouldnt have a voice if u ain’t have YouTube #YouLame

  5. Bruzza Brooks

    Snoop is a living legend his raps songs are timeless yall are trippin Stop hattin he is my age hes bettrr then these new bums stop hattin on Snoop!!!!

  6. Famous Ogun

    This is some messy bullshit .Bitch get you a fuckin job instead of spreading gossip messy female tendency bullshit…Brain washed none logic thinking mf…Bitch you not even american how the fuck could you upload bullshit about another man..Straight BITCHISM.

  7. Leon William

    man you blabla too much and stop repeating everything 50 cent is saying.and age really dont matter for anything.SOMEONE CAN BE THE BEST RAPPER AT AGE 80.GET EDUCATED.

  8. Raymond Johnson

    Im so tired of hearing about the illuminati…you should be worried about the water we drink and then illuminati that you havent seen.

  9. husslin flo

    The only thing i can say about any entertainer yea we will all get older and not be as productive as you once was, But you shouldn’t be judged by some one like this who’s using your decline to make his incline. a sucka and hater not even from the usa .

  10. Adam Hinestrosa

    Lol first of all he is not trying to be relevant. Just like you said he created a fake beef with Trump because he is part of the fucking circus and he made that video because he was told to. Its to divide the country more and to make him and trump look legit and like they are real when both are actors and trump was of course chosen. They dont leave things to chance everything is planned in advance. Yall need to wake up. Channels like this only giving you partial truth. TBR is probably an actor too. Snoop is not trying to be relevant just because he posts on IG. I barely even like snoop’s music so im not biased but this is the truth take it or leave it.

  11. johnpaul hatcher

    they all sell outs just a case of when! all talk no action , and lacking talent or creativity. but still the black and white people give the support ! i thought wu tang grave diggaz and sunz of man were arm up and take down the men at the top of the pyramid , turned out to be pussys who fear losing what they got so they shut the fuk up and lay down with the rest of the human race ……

  12. I’m not a fan of Snoop Dogg, never was and never will be….but this video does not do much to justify the criticism against him. All I’m hearing over and over is because of his age he is irrelevant to the now. Not much evidence if you ask me.

  13. Ah bro this modern day shit sho as hell can’t keep up with the old school. If we loss all rappers from 05 and back. Its over.!! Might as well call it rap crap or sleepy genre or some shit. Don’t be wishing away the old school so damn quick. That’s all the hip hop thats left.

  14. Kimberly Duncanhjgf

    I say fuck snoop anymore… when you follow him all his page is about is him showing off and smoking weed all day everyday… and I really lost it for him when he started that make America crip again bullshit… does he realize how many people follow him,does he realize how many homes and families he is reaching?… and to start that gang shit again is very very much not the message to send… so I say he needs to back off that weed so much and sit his old ass down some where and understand that his time is over and just be a grandpa to his grandkids…

  15. Raymond Johnson

    Snoop thinks makes more money then you while you finger banging the computer keys he out there doing a show with Martha Stewart(which i think hes low key banging)and he got a tv show Jokers Wild,coaches a football team..raises money for what if his music career stops he still has stuff to fall back on even if he never touches the mic again.Jordan never has to play another game in his life because hes a buisness man and something to fall back on..the question i want to know is what if the Chinese wipes out all the computers..what will happen to you???

  16. First of all let me say this to you you don’t really know nothing about hip hop the culture of how it started I’m one of the Pioneers it started in the Bronx hip hop has always been conscious as none do what your age you got something on your head to say that’s positive and I can live without people that’s hip hop hip hop you know what the word means let me know I don’t think so has nothing to do with your Age II Snoop Dogg and never been Hip Hop it was a puppet from beginning the East Coast West Coast rivalry that was all nonsense to take the crown from New York with hip hop started when we had knowledge wisdom understanding that’s hip hop the three sevens you need to learn your art before you talk about what is hip hop and what is not Hip Hop I came out in 1988 on Jody records and Warner Brothers look me up on discog .com young cats really needs to know what you’re talking about for you open your mouth hip to know what’s going on in the street haha you hopped onto it entrepreneur about what you doing Hip Hop was created uplift are you not talk about girls and how they butts look and all the other stupid stuff that y’all want to hear hip-hop is consciousness from the heart always been consciousness so I just want to drop that Drew on you when we say drop the jewel give me some knowledge for your Dome piece your Dome your brain wake up and that Jay-Z thing that you doing you need to stop it one love all out of love no disrespect just let you know about my culture that we started one and I am back out again matter fact I didn’t I used to be Antoine love look it up I still got on discog when the most positive hip hop tracks out my name doe is a Amin Rachid . And my young brother just let you know this is not for you to buy my album record that’s out now this is to give you some knowledge that’s what we do in hip hop look up the mecca you see we got a lot of our knowledge from we talking about things that people don’t even understand and that that’s what’s going on now one

  17. Puppetry Moon

    Hip Hop career over? I guess that’s why he has a new album out…. Stop hating on folks for doing what you can’t SMH. He relevant on his new show with Martha Stewart which has won awards. Snoop is good!!! LL Cool J, Ice T, Common, Mos Def, Ice Cube, ect move on to T.V. #StillMakingMoney while you trying to get YouTube rich by hating on others. STFU dude and get a job

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