R&B Christmas Songs 2018 – Prime 30 Christmas Songs R&B Collection

R&B Christmas Songs 2018 – Best 30 Christmas Songs R&B Collection
R&B Christmas Songs 2018 – Top 30 Christmas Songs R&B Collection
R&B Christmas Songs 2018 – Prime 30 Christmas Songs R&B Collection

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Singer Johnny Maestro dies at 70

The member of Crests and the Brooklyn Bridge Johnny Maestro was pronounced dead in Cape Coral, Florida late Wednesday night in Florida after battling with cancer. The singer was 70 years old.


Possessing a robust and distinctive voice, Johnny Maestro was hugely valued by his peers and fans of early rock and roll. He was lead singer of the Crests in the 1950s and then the Brooklyn Bridge ten years later. He nevertheless appeared in live shows with the Brooklyn Bridge until a number of months ago when discovering that he was a victim of an invasive cancer.


The Crests had been a New York R&ampB doo-wop group of the late 1950s and early 1960s. They rose to fame following performing the song “Sixteen Candles”. The song stood at number 2 on the Billboard Hot one hundred chart in 1958 and was employed in a John Hughes film.


Firstly named as “21 Candles”, the song changed to “Sixteen Candles” as number 16 helped reflect the rock ‘n’ roll demographic greater than 21. The song was considered as one of the excellent teen love anthems.


Some other hits of the group had been “Problems In Paradise,” “The Angels Listened In”, “Step By Step”, “Sweetest One particular” and “No A single To Love.”


Born in 1939 and grew up on Mulberry St, Maestro started singing for exciting on the streets and in subway stations. He debuted his solo career in 1961 but did not acquire accomplishment. In 1968, soon after joining a local New York group, The Del-Satins, he merged with The Rhythm Technique to kind the Brooklyn Bridge. The group’s song “The Worst That Could Happen” peaked No. three in early 1969 thanks to its swelling instrumental and vocal sound.


What produced Maestro unusual was that he often appeared with black singers at a time when there had been very couple of interracial groups. His initial group, The Crests, was also a black group with the joining of Alfred E. Smith and Patricia Van Dross.


Maestro often recorded in current years. He was living in Cape Coral, Florida until he died.




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