Rap / Hip-Hop performances in The Voice

00:00 Lose Oneself – Alex Hartung
two:22 Dr. Rum – Cannot Hold Us
4:15 Brooklyn – Super Bass
5:48 Max Milner Shed Oneself/Come Collectively
7:36 Dylan Magon – Speak Dirty
9:39 บิว จรูญวิทย์ – 99 Difficulties

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From: Сергей Захаров

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  1. barby_666555

    babo m encanta esta super guapísssssssimooooooooo y esta bien bueno te amo y yo se k eres inocente el hip-hop no es lo mismo sin ti

  2. brendan gaynor

    Bro I wish there was a show where rap originals were in a contest or everyone had to freestyle because reciting someone else’s rap isn’t dope I would join a contest that made you rap on the spot for your spot

  3. DeadSmush | 291Records

    Yo he pensado siempre que la gente con rap no puede triunfar en este tipo de programas, ya que lo que te piden de voz tienes que ser realmente talentoso, porque con el rap no entrenas para nada la voz, es un estilo mas de tiempos que de otra cosa

  4. 2nd one was an amazing rapper 3rd one was an amzing musician and the last one had a good voice the others where like ……….mehh

  5. ขอไลค์คนไทยที่เข้ามาดูหน่อยเร๊ววว! ไทยแลนด์ปู๊นๆ

  6. Oxygen Orphans

    The problem with the Voice and having Hip Hop is that the Voice is used more for singing, which is easier for people with that talent, while people who come on there rapping are usually rapping another person’s song which doesn’t show skill unless it’s a song that goes hella fast (Ex: Eyedea- Now). If you’re going to perform hip hop on live television, it should be your song and your flow so they see your skill. Anyone can rap another person’s lyrics. That doesn’t show you have skill.

  7. H2O Warhawk

    That gal with the pumpkin spice vibe and silver like hair… was soooo cringy. When I saw the judges spin around, I can only ask "why?".

  8. The M Girlsss

    shut up everyone… y’all hating like at least they had the guts to do that… while u sit on ur ass and hate.. why don’t u do something with ur life instead of hating

  9. anybody here who is Thai? i can’t read the name of the last performer.. anyway.. he is way too cool to sing 99 problems..

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