Owen Benjamin – HipHop values vs Country values (Reside Burlington VT)

Jay Z has been in the news lately, so I figured I’d do a bit about how horrible the values are in hip hop versus country music. And I also had a great opportunity to take a shot at Bernie Sanders in HIS Own TOWN.
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If it wasn’t for my dad’s weiner and my mom’s “ok,” there would be no Owen Benjamin. Piano brought me to stand up comedy. I’ve had two Comedy Central specials. I am tall but suck at basketball, I’m smart but can’t spell, I’m nice but type of a dick.

I’ve been in some motion pictures: Home Bunny, Staten Island Summer season w/ SNL cast, Bucky Larson w/ Nick Swardson, Jack and Jill w/ Adam Sandler.

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From: Owen Benjamin

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  1. Claytron Bear

    @Owen Benjamin just an fyi, both this and the Trudeau bit have advertising in Oz. Just in case they are demonetised in the US. Make sure the Youtube Overlords pay up.

  2. The differences are very subtle. One is easier to listen to, as much garbage lyrically that hip hop nowadays may be. When I have to hear an hour of country playing back to back at work. Which I already have no taste for, kinda makes me wanna stop breathing.

  3. Chris James

    Fucking MURDERED that call-back close!
    (in retrospect… maybe add a "Lil’" before Bernie & put a 1/4 sec pause after "…Sanders"…qwantavius-Jackson!!!")

    No need though… that shit crushed and simple is best. Aint broke….

  4. Socialist Bernie Sanders espouses gangsta rap values? Big Bear just gave us a new meme. Pedes, time to start photoshopping…

  5. Willhelm Berkly

    But at least hip-hop is consistent, if you listen to any country music station you will likely hear an equal number of "God, Church and Family" songs and " I’m going out Honkey Tonking gonna find me some loose women" songs.

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