NICKI MINAJ’S HIP-HOP Profession IS More than, NOW Using CRAZY Methods TO Keep away from BACKLASH!

NICKI MINAJ’S HIP-HOP Profession IS Over, NOW Making use of CRAZY Strategies TO Avoid BACKLASH!
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  1. Hussam Joudieh

    bae, she just topped the list of 2017’s most tweeted about artist and has a remix video the was posted yesterday and already have 3 million views, your point?

  2. Rodshmier Eddy


  3. Isaiah Guzman

    Yeah ya puttin this up for more subscribers! nicki Career ain’t over it jus began & ya still pressed cuz she better and sold more records then any rapper in the game ?

  4. Just Saying

    Nicki was beautiful before and she still is beautiful now.

    BUT she did have Bars before she sold out. Seems like the industry is finally done with her.

  5. She is a cloned multiple….that’s why she’s coming out looking different all the time, habing lighter skin, different nose/jaw….look into it

  6. Chevel Stewart

    This man is a dam fool and got nothing better to do. What her brother did has nothing to do with her he made does choose to do what he did, u is a asshold.

  7. Janoy Jones

    let me tell u all this don’t worry about Queen nick worry about your views worry about your comments worry about your girl friend elastic vigins whole worry about her turtle tank raccoon smelling pussy worry about your poor self worry about your mother’s ganged banged incident fuck off hope u die

  8. Nickel Williams

    By the way cardi B cannot have no children she’s in the Illuminati too she has fake butt too she is fake Nicki Minaj is better than her full hundred percent

  9. Orlando Williams

    Nicki is Dope’s rapper besides Trina a she number one i n my book is entertainment people learn the difference between entertaining and real lives

  10. thebest robert18

    Y’all all some haters at the end of the day it’s her brother and she did not know he did it tell the test come back that’s why she did not go for the second time And her career is not over you a hater ? get a life you sound stupid how is garbage in her name when it’s Nicki Minaj you sound stupid

  11. Helen Garrett

    She’s never been a great artist in the Rap area. The Industry pump her up literally to this mega artist. Also a supposed chic w/ a dick. Nothing on her is natural. Breast, ass, hips, etc. So to her fans‼️ How is she the baddest bitch in the industry. How fans? She’s showing truths, but fans insist on not believing. Pictures with her clones in sexual activities. It’s in plan site what she really stands for. All her music is BS!! Point blank period. She’s backing her brother with abusing kids because that’s what she’s about. Fans can call me crazy ?, a hater, or what ever ease the mind to continue to be walking around with their eyes WIDE SHUT OPEN. It’s all an allusion to deceive the people in believing demonic satanic bullshit. Yeap‼️ Bullshit?

  12. Okay can u bring fourth any content that isn’t bashing people?? If you claim to be of God who are you to judge or condem? Instead of talking about them as if they aren’t humans pray that God will touch their hearts we are all children of God and we have all fallen short of his glory. None of us can cast stones cause we all have sinned in many ways. We mug h t do things that can be justified in our eyes but be a disgrace in the eyes of God . so Why are u so focused on the false idols focus on the puppet master not the puppet. Thats with wrong with ppl who say they want to expose the truth are u exposing the truth or expaling hatred? If we want to get technical God also speaks on being a busy body aka gossip which is what this post is . how is this bringing people closer to God by tearing someine else down …if she did wrong she will answer for her actions. We get it the music industry is disgusting and is full of sin but if we teach the word of God they can be saved … Let that sink in

  13. Blaque Blaque

    People are so judgemental everybody that has something negative to say How much money you have? You must be a shallow. I know everyone heard that SAYING IF YOU DONT GOT NOTHING NICE TO SAY. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT UP

  14. Top selling female rapper of all time! She just reinforced her dominance yesterday by having her 83rd entry hit the HOT 100 and is to date the most streamed rap artist, Nicki ain’t going no where.

    Career far from over, NM4 is finna be lit!

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