New Hip-Hop Songs three-2017

A list of new March 2017 Hip-Hop songs to listen to.

From: HipWiki

100one hundred


  1. The odd thing about all of these guys is that they talk about how tough they are and act like they are really tough, really hard and they all talk about their guns all the time so obviously they ain’t as hard as they say. They are really cowards that probably can’t fight they their way out of a paper bag. They don’t have the balls to fight like men with courage or real tough guys.

  2. hawklord2001

    I’d like to make a request that you gangstas do a vid dressed as muhammad doing a bunch of burka clad Mohammedan bitches and hoes please? I’d give that a thumbs up.

  3. mario Santana

    lol using skinny jeans make them look more like faggots than gangsters, real gangsta rap is 2pac, eazy e, coolio, old school snoop dogg, old school ice cube, dr.dre, nwa, bone thugs, and more

  4. Jack the Trapper

    ❌Whats the Name of the drill song with the weird brrrrrrr brrrrrrr in the backround all the Time ?????❌❌❌

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