Music Theory 101 (For Hip-Hop Producers)

Most individuals make music theory too complex. Here’s a actually basic strategy that I use to come up with original melodies for your beats with no possessing to understand difficult music theory…

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From: Robert Stevenson

Making use of Hip Hop Samples To Make Beats

A lot of the producers who make own hip hop beats dont actually make their personal beats. They really use samples for making their own beats. These are basically those people who sample along the whole segments of these records which are existing ones. Now there are other people as well, these people chop up the segments and they even make these segments sound unrecognizable and then they use this as raw sounds and hence record their personal things more than it.

There are various distinct methods you can use for hip hop beat making in order to get the sound which you want. You can EQ the samples and the frequencies out and then you can adjust the pitch. Here we are going to go over about mixing numerous various samples to make hip hop beats. But then you have to preserve in mind that the samples which are cleared, authorized or are licensed can be used when you want to make your mixes. But then you can maintain in mind that you dont have to be totally wealthy to merely get a sample which is cleared.

You can start off by cleaning up the sounds. The quite first try you take at cleaning them out wont really be really great and the music may possibly just sound erratic. On top of that you may just get little pops or clicks which are there in random places in the finish as well as the beginning of the region which you chopped. Now this can fundamentally be solved when you fade in and you fade out of the piece. Plus if you genuinely want your hip hop beat creating to be detailed then you can just zoom in on the waveform which is accomplished by suing a totally free system referred to as Audacity. You can delete the weird clicks out of your sample.

Once again when you want to know about how to make hip hop beats you need to make sure that your time is appropriate. The timing is truly going to impact the pitch which you are aiming for. if you are stretching out the sound so that it fits a BPM then you may well just get a sound which is distorted. You can right this by basically altering the pitch to what it used to be before you lowered or raised the level. You can even use a plan which automatically stretches the level of the pitch with out actually causing a main modify in the pitch.

You also need to have to make positive that when you make own hip hop beats you get the samples cleared effectively. if you dont clear it out properly then if you want to be a hip hop music producer in the future then you may well just harm your possibilities for that taking place. The greatest way to clear out samples is to make contact with organizations which are actually receive a sort of clearance for you, you need to do this if you dont have a publisher or you dont have your own signifies. tags J.C. Skilla – Vestido Preto (2017) Capa


  1. William Alvarado

    The title of the video is music theory 101 and halfway through you admit you don’t know shit about music theory. Tf nigga

  2. Jason Bryan

    Very disappointing session.Nothing was taught on music theory itself.Alot of generalization and not much knowledge.Musid theory is to be taught, studied and learned.

  3. Eduardo Gamboa

    What y’all have to do to improve your chords or melodies is google scale formulas and how to use honestly that’s all you need it’s easy trust me and I can play the piano but I know nothing about music theory that’s why I’m here but didn’t help thanks though but to everyone else start at Scale Formulas then related scales. Ofcourse there is more but that’s enough to inspire you to keep going

  4. whats your email, i signed up for the 1 dollar deal & i forgot to unsubscribe & it charged my card 38.60, but now it says i dont have an account with you guys

  5. Question Rob?
    I have fl studio 12 im new to it but all my life ive been making beats by mouth for my buddies and now im trying this and i cant get the sound in my head to match whats on fl. Is it that i have free plugins and the ones thats pricey has the best quality sound. another thind is i hate to use samples but i do for the experience but i would love to create my own sound and a tag for my beats. i know you are a busy guy but when you find time could you stear me in the right direction….Thanks! and keep doing you.

  6. Bro you should have stuck to the first Far Away melody you created as that suits the beat better.. you lost it when you started playing with chords n shit. Which goes to show that if you don’t know how to read music as you have confessed, you should just trust your ear..

  7. Hip Hop Beats - Rap Instrumentals CursedSound

    first 20 seconds of the video and i already 100% agree with you. since i learned music theory i make songs 10 times faster and more professional.

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