Generating an R&B Beat

In the studio and decided to share the inventive approach. Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe and check out

From: Zac Barnes

100one hundred


  1. I literally picked up a job so that I can try and make music that sounds as good as yours dude. I got a while to go before I got all the gear, but kudos to you dude I dig the beat

  2. David Erinle

    Hey man. Just amazing!! Could you possibly tell us what sounds you used? Did you edit them or are they presets? Thanks and once again just amazing ??

  3. Theseagull555

    Dude this is so good I want to make beats like this. I really love the way you went from the concept to having a full on beat. The piano was my favorite. Any tips on making rnb beats?

  4. Can I ask you something? When you were playing the piano, did you come up with the melody and chords on the spot or did you already something on your mind beforehand? Those parts were AMAZING!

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