Logic Freestyles Over Classic Hip Hop Beats!

Rapper “Logic” visits Big Boy’s Neighborhood and gets put Beneath Pressure to drop freestyles over classic Hip Hop beats selected by Dj E-Man!

Logic raps on the spot, off the best of the dome. He drops some raps about Big Boy, Krystal B., Louie G., L.A., NYC, Maryland & eight Mile.

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From: Energy 106 Los Angeles

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  1. keep it real keep it real

    He shows a good skill level..but he’s so cheesy ..Harry Mack is much better off the top.. I listened to all of this and was not impressed… 9mins of basic s#it! USA wake the f#ck up,give us some real rappers,some real hip hop.. Nas was right..hip hop is dead…if this is what you have to give im listening to grime..not this squeeky s#it!

  2. z̷e̷t̷h̷r̷y̷a̷ Music

    Yesss, Logic! Slay!
    Does anybody else see Thom Green from dance academy who plays Sammy in Logic’s face 😹

  3. João Miguel

    He is rhyming with the same words and freestyling bout the same thing on the 1st beat. Like constantly the same rhymes

  4. Cecilia Canez

    They could of gave him better beatz and that..N YOU DONT N YOU DON’T N YOU DON’T N DON’T DON’T STOOOP OLD AZZ NIGGAZ other than that logic MURRRRDER IT 😵😁😁😁😱

  5. 8:32 my second favorite rapper mentioning my favorite rapper hmm I think we have a Logic ft. Andre 3000 coming ha I wish

  6. TellIT LikeitIS

    I can’t tell if 106 put up that first high tempo beat on purpose knowing that man said he was gonna go off the top…. that was like watching a train wreck and damage control all at the same time. Shout out to Logic tho he took that to the chin like sometimes you have no choice but to do… he still winning.

  7. Honestly this is why I love logic. There’s a lot of rappers out there that can’t freestyle. Especially for 9 minutes straight. Ive seen a dude reading off his phone during one of these segments. Like bro get outa here. Mad respect.

  8. Google Account

    This entire video is of him spitting amazing verbage. I thought it was going to be like a 5 minute intro with a small rap section. Thank you for living up to the title of the vid. It’s like getting a bag of chips with no air. AHHH!!!

  9. Kayy Hernandez

    Haha he’s fucking dope! 🔥💯 Unlike these other whackass rappers nowadays, scared af to freestyle. 😐 I recently seen an interview with lil uzi vert and they asked him to freestyle, he didn’t want to lol talking about “my real fans will understand.” 🙄 We need more rappers like Logic. 💯

  10. Eminem and Logic are both incredibly talented and original in their own ways. They shouldn’t be compared as frequently as they are

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