Lil Wayne “Loyalty” Feat. Gudda Gudda & HoodyBaby (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “Loyalty” by Lil Wayne Feat. Gudda Gudda & HoodyBaby.

Off Lil Wayne’s EP “In Tune We Trust”

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A History Of Hip Hop Music And Culture

Hip Hop and RnB have without query been the dominant music genre of the 2000s. Around 40% of quantity one particular hits throughout this period have either been hip hop or RnB illustrating completely how a as soon as obscure music genre can dominate the mainstream music charts for a decade so a lot so, that it has designed a subculture unto itself.
If you dont know, the father of Hip Hop culture was DJ Afrika Bambaataa who forged the 5 pillars of hip hop culture getting DJing, MCing, break dancing, graffiti and understanding for the duration of the 70s. An arguably late edition to these pillars is beat boxing nevertheless this was not initially deemed to be an integral component of Hip Hop Culture.
Originating from the Bronx, Hip Hop culture is without having question most identifiable with African Americans, nonetheless has been adopted by all ethnicities each in the USA and around the world, largely due to the contribution of Hip Hop groups such as RUN DMC and Public Enemy as nicely as hip hop music icons such as Grand Master Flash in the course of the late 80s.
Massive contributions to hip hop music and culture had been also created by notable break dance crews like the Rock Steady Crew, New York Breakers, as properly as the Kool DJ Herc, who pioneered the hip style of DJing and turntableism which is nevertheless utilized right now.
Due to the explicit language utilised as properly as controversial subjects that hip hop music addressed, conservative groups moved to censor hip hop music and artists on the basis that they glorified violence. If anything this only improved the popularity of the hip hop artists they tried to regulate, and reinforced current prejudices that proponents of hip hop music and culture had against the police and government.
So well-known now is hip hop music and culture that the national geographic published hip hop is the worlds most popular youth culture in which every nation has its own brand and take on hip hop music and culture. Without having question, hip hop is set to only develop, as a never ever ending line-up of hip hop artist cultivate their skills around the world and DJ’s spin their records in bars and nightclubs everywhere.
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  1. Maria Guerrero

    that fat motherfucker has to be the living, breathing,upmost worst fucking rapper in the history of big ass niggas like himself

  2. I’ve been listening to Beethoven all morning. I turned to this just to see how sad and pathetic it is, now I want to kill myself. It is true that the absolute dumbest people listen to Lil Wayne. God help mankind.

  3. Northcoast Entertainment

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  4. Lil Wayne is my FAVORITE rapper of all time. I dropped a freestyle in 2013 when he dropped D5, so in honor of D6 I just posted a freestyle to his song "Glory" . Check it out if you want, man i’m just happy the GOAT is back!! #D6

  5. Omg I just love lil Wayne 😘😘😘😘😘😘🤷😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😋.he be going innnn 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💋💦

  6. Yeah I’m bumpin 36 mafia in the phantom of the Opera, choppers from Yugoslavia
    Been in my mind like all week long! 💥💥💥💥🤘

  7. Cameron Basdeo

    Wayne always had bars but is that nigga real hes suspect how this nigga kissing birdman no bloods do that shit this nigga whats his set haha wayne cold but no realistic points

  8. Brian Reviews

    [Verse 1 – Gudda Gudda]
    Okay I’m shining, beaming, glossing
    Big Tymin’, stunting and flossing
    Dangerous, approach with caution
    If I sneeze, you in a coffin
    Chasing paper, we do that often
    Two bad bitches, thick like horses
    Let ’em snort cocaine at a party
    Leave ’em stiff like rigor mortis
    Don’t try to race, this car got horses
    The pint we drink, it costs a mortgage
    Flow so dope man, you can’t copy
    You can’t bite it, you can’t forge it
    I got bars with more in storage
    Watch me blossom, watch me flourish
    If you try to touch my porridge
    You will feel my chucks like Norris
    All my bitches think I’m gorgeous
    Get a massage while I’m recording
    Single like a dollar bill
    I am a free man, call me Morgan
    Come and slob on my knob like corn on the cob
    Check in with me, and go and do your job
    Now lay in the bed and then give me head
    I don’t have to ask, I don’t have to beg
    Yeah, I’m bumping Three 6 Mafia in the Phantom of the Opera
    Choppers from Yugoslavia, bake niggas like tilapia
    L.A.T, Young Money mafia
    Try, but it ain’t no stopping us
    Why? We back by popular demand
    Quit baller-blocking us
    Lord Gudda, praise a nigga
    MOB, I’m brazy nigga
    Hard at work, I’m slaving nigga
    Yeah, surfs up, I’m wavy nigga
    Percocet and Adderall, man I could walk on water
    I got a son, his name Jaylen and he want all your daughters
    I’m a landmine, got this by a landslide, I’m racing nigga
    Cruise control, I’m pacing nigga
    Turn around, I’m waving nigga

    [Verse 2 – HoodyBaby]
    There’s a Glock clocked by my pants line
    Young dread head throwing gang signs (what else?)
    I got bands like it’s band time
    Posted up at granny house, trappin’ off the landline
    What’s all that hootin’ and hollerin’?
    I’m who bring the dollars in
    Drop the top, it was botherin’
    Now go let your mother in
    The cocaine from Colombia, the chopper is sovereign
    Got a house full of bricks, you can call it remodelin’
    Bitch, grow up, it’s only head if you swallowin’
    Baby get to geekin’, get to geekin’ and gobblin’
    Your friends think I’m bad, they must be looking for trouble then
    It’s a foam party, I be bustin’ they bubbles then
    Then I hop in the whip, make a play on some bricks
    My homies say pull up, we just came up on a lick
    I’m in the ends with the sticks, it’s the revenge of the Crips
    Hoe you know it’s OHB, I brought the gang in this bitch

    [Verse 3 – Lil Wayne]
    Hoe you know it’s L.A.T, we almost famous lil’ bitch
    On our toes and on our feet like Usher Raymond, lil’ bitch
    And you know Lil Wayne is the shit, and you straining and shit
    Fat head, long neck, she ’bout to strangle this dick
    I got more bang bang in a stick than butane in a bic
    I got my whole gang-gang in this bitch and you came with a bitch
    I got more purple rain than Prince and more cocaine than Mitch
    I got more shit than piss and make more money than cents
    She got more hips than tits, she got more tricks than tips
    She put my name on her tongue and then she licks her lips
    LW, Lil Wayne to them, to her that’s length and width
    Kill you for me, she will like Jada Pinkett Smith
    It’s the return of the Blood, ’bout to turn up and thug
    We wan’ know who got the chicken, show the colonel the gun
    Man, my dirty-ass stripper take a bath in ones
    Make her milk these fuckin’ niggas like some Cap’n Crunch
    Motherfuckers try to test me, I ain’t cram for one
    All these fuckin’ karats on me, bitch I’m Rabbit son
    Happy birthday, I already got the gift of gab at one
    Motherfuckers run they mouth until they cramp they tongue
    Play pussy, get fucked, play ass, get stuck
    Playtime is over, that ass is grass and now that grass get cut
    Duct tape and we quackin’ up, then beat ’em with more bats
    Than a vampires and Draculas, ashes to ashes to dust
    Buried just for staring, yellow tape like canaries
    We all bite and no talk, my sharks break in your aquarium
    Out of the ordinary, so went to the art of hustling
    When you see them thieves coming
    Know that loyalty’s amongst them

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