Lil Cease EXPOSES 2Pac “He Is A LIAR” | Throwback Hip Hop Beef!

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From: Hip Hop News Uncensored

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  1. bornreadytrill

    These niggas was quite as fuck when pac was alive and I’m not saying pac was untouchable but it’s funny how all these niggas was quite and 15 20 years later they talking

  2. Marcus Shelby

    that’s funny coming from a snitch like Cease. he don’t know how it feels to get hit 5 times and still breathing so what was Cease gonna do when he went into the elevator while PAC was getting rob and shot at nothing he wasn’t able to defend that incident.

  3. he saying he got shot twice in the stomach,
    well if he did why didn’t the doctors say he did?or the police.
    getting shot in the stomach is no joke,so why would the doctors and police not even mention it????because it didn’t happen.
    lil cease is talking nonsense.

  4. Who gave this fool airtime? If he was telling the truth he’d came out of his closet over a decade ago!
    Maybe he shot 2Pac…..

  5. Londonzoo01

    PAC was the 1st to use controversy to sell records, and it ended up in him getting killed. We need to face facts. Great Artist. But he died over sucker shit. No Martyr.

  6. Cease is a real coward. Lil Kim has more nuts than this nigga.They also claim they didn’t know anything about Pac getting robbed and shot, but he can tell you about how many times dude was shot, and why the dudes shot homie.

  7. urbanflavorz

    Lil Cease don’t know how many times Biggie got shot and he was right there (he said 2 or 4) but he passionate about how many times Tupac got shot and he wasn’t even there when the shooting occured.

  8. he didn’t expose nothing
    this dude changed his account of what he claims happened several times.
    he didn’t even see Pac get shot.

  9. kevin harrison

    Cease where was that tough talk when Pac was ridin on u niggas , Edi str8t mentioned your name , where was the tough talk , Maino , whoever the fuck that is , whooped u & punked u , where where was that junior mafia shit?.Kim don’t even fuck w/ u , didn’t biggie slap u? just be cool & shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  10. RollOne SmokeOne

    The police officer that was with tupac when he got shot says tupac was bleeding out the cop said "what happend?" And tupac turned his head and said "fuck you", fact, dj vlad interview incase you wanna check for yourselfs

    Nothing to do with this just shows you how street tupac was 😂

  11. True Killer

    This guy’s a straight bitch chatting shit on a man that’s not here. But when he was here him and his crew were running and duckin

  12. Shakeila Deloney

    wow pac was right those disloyal fags set him up!! flex crying like sick a pig talking biggie would have never died if pac would have lied SMH pac dint lie!!

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