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✘ Description: This week’s most well-known R&B/Hip-Hop songs, based on radio airplay audience impressions as measured by Nielsen Music, sales data as compiled by Nielsen Music and streaming activity information from on the web music sources tracked by Nielsen Music. Songs are defined as current if they are newly-released titles, or songs receiving widespread airplay and/or sales activity for the very first time.
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From: YMDrizzyWeezy

What is Bling Hip Hop Jewelry?

If you have never ever heard of the term bling bling in your life before, it have to certainly sound like something right out of the vocabulary of the Oompa-Loompas. If you are familiar with the term, then you are most likely conscious that it’s a raging trend in fashion, a need to have for each wannabe fashionista, something that can full your carefully planned attire, generating you look oh-so-trendy. A lot more so, if your taste in music includes Hip Hop and your close friends swear by Eminem. That is correct, bling bling is none other than slang used for Hip Hop Jewelry. These are basically big pieces of diamonds, iced out in chunks and strung collectively with platinum or gold. Hip hop bling is so ‘in’ that even the imitation ones make for a million dollar industry.

So what makes bling bling jewelry so particular, you ask? Want to know why it is gained so considerably popularity in the style circles? Attempt Googling a handful of images and you’ll find out for your self. These pieces of creation are in no way less of an eye-candy than the young ladies adorning them. The big chunks of diamonds shine and sparkle and their glitter can hugely contribute to the glamour quotient of any outfit.

By now you should completely agree that a set of bling-blings can undoubtedly get you going locations. All set to get your hands on them? Well, often hold in mind that your bling will not blink with no the proper set of diamonds. So let’s take a look at the basics of diamond purchasing 1st. Colour, Clarity, Carat and Reduce. These are the four C’s of a diamond. Greater the color and clarity, and the higher the carat, greater the cost of the diamond. Even so, this does not hold accurate for the cut. The cost of a diamond would boost with size and lesser quantity of cuts. Why bling bling sparkles so a lot is simply because of the huge, chunky diamonds that reflect light so significantly far better.

Now of course, not every person can afford such high-priced diamond jewelry. Furthermore, trends modify so typically with bling bling hip hop jewelry that you could risk spending a lot on jewelry that would get out-dated very quickly, at times even inside a week or two. Do not despair as imitation can most undoubtedly save your day. Available in a range of styles and searching just as great as the true factor, these are actually easy on the pocket and give you the luxury of owning the most current, as and when they are in. There are numerous websites on the web exactly where buying bling is created effortless from the comforts of your residence. Some web sites even enable you to compare costs over a range of stores so that you can get the best deal.

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  1. This playlist proves how shitty new music is….. all sound the same and none of these will be remembered 5 years from now.

  2. overlord horror

    i don’t know why you idiots keep supporting thease monkey puppets.they have no love for real music or the public. all they care about is getting your money.grown men acting like ten year olds,, you should be ashamed of yourselves. your a disgrace to the race. r.i.p to the real who died for hardcore hip hop! your god damn right I’m a fuckin hater.

  3. Dwight Bamfiel

    Flashback: throwback
    50. 6/10 it ok
    49. 7/10
    48. 8/10 wanna smash that chick so hard
    47. 6/10
    46. -1/10
    45. 6/10 overplayed
    44. -2/10
    43. 7/10
    42. 5/10
    41. 3/10
    40. 1/10
    39. 7/10
    38. 5/10
    37. 7/10
    35. 9/10
    34. -1/10
    33. -0/10
    32. 9/10
    31. 5/10 0verrated
    30. -1/10
    29. 3/10
    28. 710
    27. 6/10
    26. um…….25?
    25. 9/10
    24. 7/10 xxx made that rating
    23. 7/10 for my boy bryson
    22. Damn shady ur song isnt that…..exciting
    21. 8/10
    20. 6/10
    19. 8/10 ybn gang shit nigga
    18. 8.5/10
    17. 5/10
    16. 3/10
    15. 8/10 king kunta
    14. 6/10
    13. 7/10
    11. 0/10 gotti make better music
    10. 6/10
    9. 7/10
    8. 7/10 i feel culture 2 isnt gonna be as good as 1
    7. 7.5/10
    6. 8/10
    5. 5/10
    4. 6/10
    3. 7/10
    2. -10/10
    1. 4/10

  4. alex domingo

    the fact that we’re still niggas, bitches and hoes talking about our dicks and pussies in most of our music is disturbing.

  5. Donnie Tisdale

    Damn no wonder these mother fuckers are retarded lmfao I made it to 21 and I lost twice that in brain cells!! Fuck outta here with that gibberish ass shit ??? only one worth a damn was yo gotti.

  6. How the fuck does a viral meme become a rapper? Is it talent or just attention that makes up the majority of a 2017 standards? Lol

  7. If u don’t listen to rap for a while like give it 6 months ..listen to this now..I promise you will be like ..what the fuck is this shit

  8. 50. nice
    49. straight fire
    48. Nah
    47. not my type
    46. ok
    45. not my type
    44. trash but nice bass boost
    43. fire
    42. not my type
    41. fire
    40. trash
    39. not my type
    38. fire
    37. ok
    36. dat bass boost doe
    35. fire
    34. nah
    33. fire
    32. burned fire
    31. dope
    30. fire
    29. nice
    28. FIRE
    27. ok
    26. nah 1/10
    25. fire
    24. fire. 10000/10
    23. nice
    22. boo 4/10
    21. straight fire 10/10
    20. fire fire dat bass boost doe 10/10
    19. FIRE HOLY SHIT THAT IS FIRE 10000000000/10
    18. FIRE 100/10
    17. ok
    16. nah
    15. nice
    14. nice
    13. fire
    12. do u even rap bro?
    didn’t finish cuz I lost track

  9. Giovanni Peyo

    May Gucci gang overtake Rockstar, both are equally good. Not in the meaning of the songs no, one’s about fucking hoes and the other one about a store, but globally their impact is huge, not as huge as bodak tho, still 3rd after all those weeks out, perfect trio.

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