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Absolutely everyone knows Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, and all the other charting hip hop artists make a TON of funds, but who gets paid the post?

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From: Billboard

Hip Hop and Soul

Believed to have been originated in the late 1990s by Kedar Massenburg of Motown Records, the term Neo Soul refers to a musical genre that a lot of observers are calling the revitalization of soul.  This genre is really distinctive in the way it fuses old college soul and modern R&ampB with designs that range from blues and electric rock to poetry and spoken word.  Raphael Saadiq and Tony Toni Tone are largely credited for birthing the revolution with artists like D’Angelo and Erykah Badu top the wave into the new millennium.  While the subsequent generation of soul features a balance of numerous musical components, a single of the most notable is hip hop.  Being that the genres are so closely tied, it is must come as no surprise that some of today’s brightest hip hop stars are creating the transition to soul music.


The History of Hip Hop and Soul


Pick an album from virtually any hip hop artist who has been prevalent over the final two decades and you are positive to come across a familiar hook you’ve heard someplace prior to.  Probably it’s snippets of Etta James’ “Hard to Handle” in Nas’ Affirmative Action or a hint of “I Miss You” by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes slipped into Jay Z’s “This Cannot Be Life”.


From the extremely beginning, hip hop artists have paid homage to classic soul music by using catchy samples in their songs.  The trend remains well-known right now as it is not uncommon to hear the angelic voice of Nina Simone melded with lyrics of conscious rapper Talib Kweli or the soulful sound of Curtis Mayfield complimenting the music of Grammy award-winning artist Kayne West.  It is the fondness and respect of the old college that has resulted in more and far more artists going soul.


In 1984, a group known as Force M.D.’s began recording with Tommy Boy Records, asserting that their style of music would combine musical influences from a variety of eras.  Despite the fact that this quartet was heavily influenced by early hip hop, 1950s doo wop along with 1960s and 1970s soul left impressions on them as properly.  Force M.D.’s were inspired by the Fat Boys, L.L. Cool J, Run D.M.C. and Whodini but most are not aware that they also got into the Penguins and the 5 Satins, groups that had been doo wopping on the corner before these guys were even born.  Anyone familiar with the sound will agree that Force M.D.’s had been far ahead of their time, delivering neo soul-like hip hop years ahead of Mary J. Blige was anointed as the Queen of Hip Hop Soul.


Who’s Gone Soul?


Several hip hop artists and producers are displaying diversity by releasing tracks laced with soulful components.  Common has usually been considered as a hip hop artist bordering on the soul genre, but you might be shocked to know that DJ Jazzy Jeff has been effectively dabbling with these experimental sounds as properly.  Over the years, Jazzy has made a number of soul-driven albums with tracks featuring names like Jill Scott and Raheem DeVaughn amongst a lot of other aspiring soul artists.  The continuous merger of these dynamic genres is good to see as it is not only becoming embraced by the fans of soul music, but also helping to bring neo soul to the surface and attain the ears of far more listeners.


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  1. Gabriela Fairon

    Dj Khaled a rapper??.. As far that I remember he was working on a radio station as a dj… He was being paid by rappers to play their music and get the chance to play at their private parties..
    He wasn’t that skilled as a dj like Ronson but became famous by staying always in contact with them..
    He has never written lyrics or try to rap.. There is not even one track where he is doing a freestyle.. He is an investor (money) in the music industry just like Diddy, JZ, Kanje and drake has done.. Diddy is highest paid because he has many shares outside the music industry…

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