Kodak Black A VICTIM Of The Hip Hop POLICE?! Information Inside!

Last night although on his IG The feds ran down on Kodak Black Arresting him an seizing a lot his belongings as proof which includes his iPhone. Far more details inside!

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Programs To Make Hip Hop Beats- Music Studio At House

It is every aspiring musician’s dram to have their personal applications to make hip hop beats. The dilemma was for as lengthy as I can remember such privilege was left only for those who are truly professionally musicians or producers for that matter. Being able to make and generate your personal beats and use it to kind original music for private or expert motives at anytime is I feel the objective of any person who has a love for music. Thank God that now, programs to make hip hop beats are now obtainable for anybody who has the interest and liking for them.


If you are like me who is also attempting to find out how to make your personal hip hop or any genre of beats for your music then you better study on for far more clarification. First thing you should know is that generating beats are really not as complex or hard as they appear, soon after all if it is in your blood and interest then how hard could it be correct?  No require to worry about the technologies and the skill, because typically as I observed from encounter applications to make hip hop beats come with a tutorial plan as properly, and even if your get the beat making application known as Sonic Producer other than the tutorial is a 24 hours soon after sales service that can really a lot as you begin out with it.


So what are you waiting for? Why never you start off your journey towards becoming composer or maker of the next hip hop hit the YouTube? Start now with your “Home Studio”, as this programs to make hip hop beats really you to perform with your music in the comforts of your property with just you individual pc as the tool.


Before you get began here are three variables you need to have to consider of and contemplate in performing your work:


•   Make a decision on the genre that you want to focus on. This should not be challenging, considering that you only have to go back to the kind of music you have the most inclination on.

•  Imagine the beats in your mind. Acquiring started with the  best is frequently the most difficult element of the work but once you commence everything will just fall into spot with your creation.

•  Listen to other music for inspiration. If you are having difficulty deciding on the variety of beats and music you need to make appear for inspiration  on performs that are obtainable to you.
After the three mentioned above are achieved the subsequent for you  would be start on with your composition and get on with you perform.

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  1. Dr Willow D

    Kodak wack is not a victim of shit. Listen to his music and looknat how he has advertise his self to the public. Thoughts become things and words are real. This is a lesson for these dumb wanna be gangsta talking rubbish and showing personal things. No one needs to see that u have a gun or money.

  2. Tropic Lucas

    You talking about hip hop police… no that’s dumb nigga shit he on probation and these probation officers aren’t stupid social media is evil

  3. Celinda Burns

    That part of their problem flossing their wealth and when the powers that Be see them flossing and bragging about it they begin planning to bring them down, stupid move they be doing flossing and bragging about their wealth. You don’t see the white entertainers flossing and bragging about material wealth only our ignorant black young entertainers that don’t know how to have wealth and be humble?

  4. Dumb ass nigga that what his stupid ass get . A nigga and his money will soon part . When keeping it real goes wrong . He deserves whatever he get .don’t drop the soap

  5. Man we seen this with Frank! The moment he wore that chinchilla it was over. Now a days these dudes are on camera incarcerating themselves no need for a sting just watch there live……

  6. My people don’t get it until you understand your not dealing with the law just racist folks claiming their law trying to destroy your whole family,These are facts people your oppressor is not the law start looking at them how you need to

  7. because being charged with weapon possession, drugs, child neglect, and violating probation all on camera is clearly not his fault

  8. Ruffian with the Rebel Wayz

    This fool ain’t no damn victim, you can’t be rich and still want to keep active criminals with warrants in your circle leading the police to your door as well as still doing stupid shit.

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