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Heard about my past
Issues I utilised to do
The games I used to play
The girls that didn’t last
I know what’s on your thoughts
You feel I’m performing incorrect
Can I say what is true
You are the only one
When I’m not about
Do you believe of me
Or what the jealous ones
Are claiming me to be
You ought to know by now
That it is gonna take
A lot of trust from you
For us to make it by way of

Don’t listen to what men and women say
They don’t know about you and me
Place it out your mind trigger it really is jealousy
They don’t know about this here
Do not listen to what people say
They never know about you and me
Place it out your mind lead to it really is jealousy
They never know about this here

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  1. Mrs. ANTHONY

    I played this song so much at the office they call me Jon b instead of my first name yep everybody over at ARTBEAUTYDECOR.COM I’m up listening to my cut

  2. Flores Senpai

    Who else thought John B was Black back in the 90’s until they saw his Music Video had me like Whaaaat😧minion -Voice This guy sings way better than most Artists this days😎

  3. Dam you are Amazing..
    Harlem NYC We 💞 Jon B
    2018 Hit Top Quality Love Music everything you do is Power.. 💞thanks

  4. Arlandrea Sisney

    this white boy in middle school used to look just like him he pulled so much just looking like him lol 90s kids 🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Beverly Jenkins

    This is my song😅😆😅😆💖💟💞💕💝💘💜💗💞

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