Joe Buddens BANGS On Technique Man | Throwback Hip Hop Beef!

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ten Most Favourite Hip Hop Beats

You have talent in music, you can make hip hop beats, and you want to be a musician. Just do it so that the planet can listen to you. You can grow to be so well-known as stars that numerous individuals enjoy.


Distinct men and women may well like different artist but their decision of music is virtually the identical that is hip hop. These days you have the choice to make hip hop beats online. If you want to learn how to make hip hop beats then you require to make sure you comply with particular items.


The initial thing that you require to do is get the really feel of the kind of music that is currently out in the marketplace. Secondly you have to often make certain that you discover from the very best. When you log into the internet you will locate loads of instructional videos. It is also essential to discover the equipment.


Finally you want to make certain that you use appropriate music production computer software. These factors will certainly help you make hip hop beats. If you want to discover out the top ten of the best hip hop beats then here they are.


1. The reminisce more than you which is created by Pete Rock and is from the album Mecca and the soul brother. This album was released in the year 1992. You can’t quit your head from moving with the tunes,


two. The second beat is Outcast which is from Bombs more than Baghdad. The producer is Earthtone III and the album is Stankonia. This album released in the year 2000. It will have a sonic assault on your eardrums.


three. Nas from NY state of mind. The producer of this beat is DJ Premier. The name of the album is lllmatic. It was released in the year 1994. This is also a head nodding beat.


4. The fourth well-liked hip hop beat is snoop dog – Who am I? (What is my name)? The music producer for this is Dr. Dre. It is from the album doggystyle which was released in the year 1993. This was Dr Dre’s classic solo album.


five. The fifth common beat is LL cool J from mama stated knock you out. The producer for this music beat was Marley Marl. This is 1 of the hardest hip hop beats created by Marl.


six. The next beat is Adhere to the leader – Eric B and Rakim. The producer of this beat is Eric B and it is from the album follow the leader. It was made in 1988. But there is a confusion concerning the year of its creation.


7. Jay – Z Heart of the city is the next beat which was developed by Kanye west and it released in the year 2001.


eight. Ghostface killah featuring Raekwon and U God by Black Jesus. Producer for this was RZA and the album was ironman.


9. Dr. Dre featuring Eminem – Forgot about Dre from the album 2001 released in 2000. Producer is Dr Dre.


10. Pharoahe Monch – Simon says created by Pharoahe Monch in the year 1999.




  1. Ohh-Aye!!, Fuhgettaboutit!!

    Sorry Joey….. Meth will eat you alive,spit you out ,then stomp you out!!!!!!!??????????
    Put it like this…….meth could mumble rap and still win!!!!!!!????????????????????????????

  2. Reggie Green

    Probably been sitting on rhymes he wrote for a meth battle the last 15-20 years….meth still waiting for him to catch up to him though

  3. Tyrone Griffin

    Meth career and joe’s career is no where on the same level period but seriously Joe is lyrically better than meth if you really do listen to him

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