Joe Budden RESPONDS TO 50 & Bizarre Then Bizarre CLAPS BACK! |Hip Hop BEEF!

Joe Budden jumped on his podcast to address 50 cent and D12 Member Bizarre calling him out in wake of the comments he produced agains Eminems New album Revival! Listed to what both Budden And Bizarre have to say now!

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Make Hip Hop Beats – Hip Hop Production Tips

All correct, now we’re just going to just supply you with a tiny bit of basic recommendations when you’re generating a hip hop beat, and when I say there is no basic rule, music is just from the heart, it is what you really feel, so sometimes you just go to, you know simply make it, whatever you’re feeling, a complete lot of hip hop songs, they are just abstract, you can have any kind of music on there, but the primary factor genuinely relating to a hip hop song could be the drums.

Advantage by instruction your ear to hear what the industry searches for, and develope your personal distinctive hip hop production style from taking in these Sector tactics and fundamentals. Watch as the own production modifications following the 1st handful of sessions.

Begin with the bear minimal. This implies that you will not ever want to overwhelm your self with a ton of gear that can trigger a ten month finding out curve. Consequently yeah, you may be producing fantastic hip hop is far better than in about six months along with hours and hours connected with practice, but what amazing does that do you now? What you would like to do is truly feel simple.

Guarantee you never invest much more than you’ve to. Today, numerous tone of low-cost software packages (some of which are much less pricey than $ 30 dollars and need to have practically nothing much more than a greater-speed web connection) that may get you up and running in only minutes. Yes, you noticed me appropriate, minutes by way of now you are able to get access to thousands of drum seems and samples on a sixteen-track sequencer. You might also export your creations in order to mp3 so you can spot the beat on your we-tunes, transfer this to a mixer to place down the vocals, or even burn it to Compact disc to show your friends. The thing is that there’s totally no purpose to invest an superb when you are beginning out, genuinely it is not advised also as just plane stupid.

Do not overdo the beat. After you buy an affordable computer software defeat maker for your rap, you don’t want to overdo the beat by being the perfectionist. Think it or not, as becoming a perfectionist is not going to earn you any points inside the hip hop game. Spend attention to some of your favourite rap and I bet you are going to be surprised to locate that it is basic, unique and even gritty. What separates excellent rap from the rest just is not hours of perform, however creativity and moments related with clarity when every thing all comes together. Keep in mind that most people aren’t going to hear which extra hi-loath you spent an hour acquiring just right. What they may possibly hear is the connect as well as the beat and also the lyrics. These are the points to concentrate on.

Don’t forget that you merely aren’t attempting to win the Grammy. Yes you noticed me properly, do not make-believe to be a grasp music genius whenever you are not, and if you had been, you would not be reading this post inside the initial place, i’m sorry. But that does not imply you are not inventive as properly as never have a lot to provide the hip hop universe. Just about all you should do is really find your niche and never overlook that you are not to win a Grammy, nonetheless to make a strong beat that you can location some lyrics over. Also as above all else : have enjoyable! tags Chris Brown


  1. Eddie Brock

    I got throw it out there ain’t Googled this but has D12 done more hits or made more money at any one time more than budden??? This is funny shit.

  2. Em is a great technician , skilled with words. His music has always lacked great content . Metaphorically he will never compare to Jay-Z , for all his skill he Can’t make a " I know" off American Gangster . His stories lack realness. He is not even a great story teller , straight up. At this juncture he music suffers for those things .

  3. Terrence Davis

    Joe a bitch apologizing to bizarre now so he can apologise to 50 afterwards cause he don’t want to get beat up 😂😂😂

    keep that same energy you had talking about you would beat bizarre ass in Detroit 💯

  4. Kevin Williams

    If we supposed to be cool and we are friends which Joe said him and Em was cool…. my Nigga you know you hola at that man you call your friend and let him know if you think he fucking up you don’t go public with someone you call your friend-Joe could’ve easily said no comment but he decided to publicly diss his homie-that Shit is lame and I fuck with Joe but my nigga you did that corny shit to pump up your show

  5. Dudes are buggin. Sensitive. Joe should yawn in these dudes faces. There’s nothing to beef over. Bizarre wishes there was, so his name will be even spoken about. Budden will body either Bizarre or 50 on that. mic device. That’s definite. And Joe is not a bitch, he comes from a crime family. Dudes is a lil overconfident my opinion.

  6. Bossblack13

    Joe didn’t say “Walk on Water” trash. Akademics did. Joe said “Untouchable” was trash because it was all over the place but Em was dissing Akademics not Joe


    He hasn’t even listened to it!?!? and he still talking all that shit!?! he specifically said the albu was "trash" and here he says " i never once trashed the album" Jo full of shit man. Bizzy is right he’s a fucken clown

  8. Clevon Gordon

    Blacks always put a white artist with a little talent on a pedestal em is the true definition of overrated Blacks need to stop dick riding this whiteboy 50 got more love for em than his own son true coonery

  9. Blessing Chiwanza

    C’mon man, budden should be loyal end of story. There shouldn’t even be an iota of disrespect to Em, D12 or Gunit coz that’s family period. Joe flip flopping.


    If anybody a clown its Bizarre. D12 was wack as fk. If they didn’t have Em backing them they wouldn’t have even gone double wood. Joe has a catalog of dope songs . How D12 and Biz go 4x platinum twice and all are now broke exept Mr Porter? Stfu Bizarre!

  11. jk.rendering

    ;Budden supports Eminem more than anybody Period… people got it twisted! Viral Hip Hop News you need an upgrade on your art work. that opening art work is creepy and poorly rendered.

  12. he actually dissed bizzare..he insinuated that Em has no contact with bizzare what so ever….how would bozo joey kno when or if they talk or not?

  13. Personally that em and Beyonce track was slaw if I was sign to him I would I say the same because it’s my checks over the bull..I would never bump it because the song is disappointing sign to him or not


    Even The Game lyrically destroyed Joe Buddens punk ass… how tf is Joe Budden still relevant in 2018 anyhow?… all the mfckr does is run his mouth & shit… with his fucking Oprah Winfrey wanna be talking ass… 😂 even those 3 females(migos) had him shook… Joe a coward…

  15. Joe signed that deal with Diddy is what set it off. 50 and Diddy beef. They was just waiting for Joe to say some disloyal shit in their eyes…but lets be honest EM’s album was pure gabage.

  16. Ruben Casanova

    Joe pretty much is fucking with people, 50 is a clown I love 50 but sometimes he gets to tough he could get knocked out like anybody else. He needs to chill before he ends up on the wrong side of media take out. World star shit.

  17. Smooth Money

    Are you street bruh? You can’t tell when a muthafucka is being pressed or when a muthafucka back tracking and trolling? Come on now Joey is a Joek believe it!!!

  18. GamesComicsAndAllKindsOfIllness- NerdiesRule

    bizarre just a weird ass salty Michigan nigga why the hell can’t anyone critique em

  19. Niger Niger you ain’t he was calling bizarre like his career wasn’t s*** I’m from the Nati Joe bulshit that n**** ain’t never been no good MC he just wasn’t man enough to disrespect Bazaar out right so he’s doing some b**** slick comments but you can go ahead and act stupid if you want to pussy ass n**** kill me wipe your pussy b**** cuz it’s wet

  20. Westcoast iEgangbangbang!

    How the fuck do one album Eminem a black rapper everybody is sounding stupid as fuck please let me run into some stupid fucks like this so I have a chance to slap the piss out of them

  21. Ruben Casanova

    Budden wasn’t lying though it was honest Em can’t take truth? That’s why he is actually a great rapper. Half his content was about how he can’t deal with reality. Who’s fault is that is eminems. Joe did his Job. Em new shit is wack… so let’s cut the bull shit Detroit doesn’t run much all they got is shady. Bizarre? Ems boy? So what?

  22. Ruben Casanova

    Somebody get Bizare a burger. He look like he waiting for that d12 check in the mail. That shady welfare money. Damn I wish my friend was a rich rapper. 😔

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