Jim Jones BOMBS On Dame Dash | Hip Hop Beef!!

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  1. A1since Day1

    These niggas fall out with nigga who made them millions and bitch because they hit them with a 500k cut. Who does shit for free and love. Jim preaching about harlem but before Dame he didn’t own shit in Harlem. The dude was a street nigga bound for prison. At least Jay-Z was thankful

  2. Bobby Towers

    Look at him goin ham in the hole in the wall joint clip but tap dancin to the breakfast club,Jones sweet for that #keepthesamenergy

  3. He claims he’s from the projects.. I thought he was from 140th and Lenox? Cam says he from weeks ave in the bronx. I lived on Weeks ave for 7 years, never heard nothing bout him. Somebody told me his moms spot was on Crotona ave in the bronx. He’s a mystery.

  4. Even if BK Guyz chased him around the RUckerz BBall game. Cam rolls Wit Dame. Jay Got him to sign. Aiint heard no new shit from him. They sound like sibling rivalaries. MISLEAD KIDS MISGUIDED. Mommy and Daddy I greatful. I take side of support.

  5. Mustafa Musa

    DJ Envy really has a problem with Dame Dash after Dame made him feel like a little boy on that last interview. Poor Soul.The reason why cat’s have a problem with dame is because dame can see 10 mile’s ahead from the 1 mile marker. This is a business intuition that one achieves through the constant practice of wheeling and dealing, not submitting.

  6. crimeboss theowner

    Niggaz wasn’t same Fuck Dame when he was super on top ,now they saying fuck him that’s what hoes do $$$$$$$

  7. Calvin Royal

    Jim Jones has never strung two comprehensive words together in his life..We rob we don’t steal.Nigga just made my point. He thinks that was profound or cryptic. JJ is soft, moist!

  8. Paull Jones

    I saw this nigga cry twice on national TV and jump a 20 foot fence running from niggaz nough said to emotional to b a g

  9. Both Dame and Jim are Cancers. 2 emotional bitch ass niggas. Male Cancers are broads

    Even irv Gotti. 50 Cent is the only Cancer that doesn’t do sucka shit

  10. Pookie Ain't dead

    Jim is done he’s a reality tv star. That’s what really keepin him above water. Don’t his moms got a show now. His bars are garbage’

  11. We dont steal, we rob. Ok? Jim jones isnt an idiot, hes just dumb as fuck. He says he robs like hes a super hero for doing it lmao. He doesnt have a beard, just hair on his face. He doesnt talk, he speaks. What do you want to know, if i’m done or if i’m finished ?

  12. Everybody talking about him being emotional need to stop y’all act like y’all never cried never in your feelings before cut the b.s out y’all sound dumb

  13. I’m a very very emotional person lmao. Of course you are, no daddy at home so you act like mommy lmao. Little Jimmy, tell me if this sounds familiar. You need expensive jewelry, gotta make sure your outfit looks perfect, you need 100 pairs of shoes, gotta have that nice car, you get emotional over everything, always worried about what people think about you, thats why you want shit most people dont have so you can feel better about yourself. This is your typical hoodrat, aka jim jones..Make sure you get the right earings you fucking clown lmao

  14. Jamal Schoolfield

    All of y’all talk Gangsta like y’all know these mufucka personally. These interviews are entertainment nothing more

  15. Jim Jones is a clown. You do a deal with someone then your clothing line got a little pop and now the money isn’t right. Stealing? Naw u just a bad business man

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