Illuminati Rapper, Jay-Z’s Hip-Hop Career is More than, now trying to re-sell tickets from $100 to $6 for four:44 Tour.

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Hip Hop Grillz Jewelry

Enjoy jewelry? Does bling set your heart on fire? Believe you have a heart of gold? Or better still, anything a lot more visible made of gold, diamonds or platinum? How about your teeth? 1 of them could have been far more high-priced? Actually, it could be if you comply with the most current trends in hip hop jewelry!

Keep in mind the lines from the hit single ‘Grillz’ by Nelly Furtado about robbing the jewelry shop to get diamonds and gold to make grillz? You would, particularly if the song added a new word to your dictionary! Grillz refers to gold, platinum or silver caps worn on teeth for the cool hip hop appear. Far more usually then not, these caps are embedded with gemstones or diamonds to flaunt wealth. This trend has been popularized by stars like Nelly, Lil Jon and other hip hop artists of repute. Nevertheless, if Nelly made Grillz a household term then Paul Wall took it to another level by generating an album that plays like an ode to Grillz! ‘The People’s Champ,’ his album released in the year 2005, has each second line speaking about Grillz, his Grillz and his firm that makes Grillz!

Sample: “So many diamonds in my teeth you cannot see no gold”

Talk about advertising and marketing a solution!

Grillz, like the rest of hip hop jewelry are a costly affair. The richer you are, the much better your grill could be. And think you me, when it comes to this, the cheap artificial stuff will not do as Grillz are placed inside the mouth (teeth) and something that can trigger adverse reactions in the mouth, particularly inexpensive and fake synthetic jewelry is a big no no. If you are nonetheless dying to jump onto the Grillz bandwagon then you might contemplate plated rhodium and Cubic Zirconia, CZ as it is popularly identified, custom produced grillz for your teeth.

When getting Grillz, make confident you have carried out your research. Grillz normally come in 3 kinds.

1. Signature Lines: The Grillz worn by hip hop artists and sold as branded merchandise. Quite high-priced but quality assured.

two. Diamond encrusted Grillz: These are set in silver, platinum or gold. The setting of the diamonds is of utmost significance here, a poor setting will totally ruin the appear!

3. Gold/Silver/Metallic Grillz: Available in all valuable metals with no any gemstones these are plain tooth caps produced of gold or silver.

Apart from these there is the artificial stuff which is certainly a lot more affordable. Invest in a excellent one particular and welcome to the Grillz Station!

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  2. TRUST jz is NOT over, because NO ONE CARES about what he said,, HES A RAPPER.. only people mad are, well…..4.44 is a BANGER unless you dont know how to LISTEN. lol

  3. Iyanii Bless

    JZ ? The Blood The Blood The Blood oh Bro Of Jesus Christ !!!!
    I told you No Lie !!!
    Oh Y ?!!

  4. theres always an end of every beginning…you will pay what you owe to the lord god almighty or the devil….guarateed

  5. all you ILL conspirators , all you RELIGIOUS people. JUST STOP… someone once dissected my lyrical composition and came up with the conclusion it was satanic.. i laughed because people LOVE to interpreter ART in the way that best suits there views…STOP….LEARN SYMBOLs first. NOT the commercial definitions, get ya etymology books out AND STOP making DUMB videos….


    Ok what ever more lie how come people do it with this social media fake news b.s. will most or boring and want publicity or entertainment in they life

  7. Eli Maavich

    Funny vid. I like how u describe the new album. Hilarious. On the flip side of this tho…His black album was good. I especially like the Beatles remixes online and linkin park mash ups he did

  8. Him and her bragging about being controlled by Satan, maybe God is tired of their bull shit, lyp sinced, fake butts’ acting like they are something. I am a life time musician, and heck with that so called rap music.I heard enough when run dmc{ who had talent} talking all that "bitch this and bitch that and "suck my ___. Put that CRAP in the garbage can and with all the rest of the trash!! If it’s not a positive remark, keep your filth in your own home. The next generation needs you all to shut the f up!! rw

  9. Iyanii Bless

    JZ ? The Blood The Blood The Blood oh Bro Of Jesus Christ !!!!
    I told you No Lie !!!

  10. marcel louis Frocz

    all foto s are red and one clip he get shot that is over beyonce used and broke him together with rihanna listen walk on water with eminem

  11. Iyanii Bless

    JZ ? The Blood The Blood The Blood oh Bro Of Jesus Christ !!!!
    I told you No Lie !!!

  12. Yeshua Hamashiach

    The celebration of the Lord is ended. This Christmas to all who celebrate it are not of the Father. instead of spending money on gifts all should have spent that same monies on food. It was given not to follow through with the pagan holidays. Did you follow through with what you wanted for yourself. There is no excuse of using being taught and raised up in anything. It says to seek my ways and my feasts. Seek My face! My Body is the True church never has the True Church been a building (John 2:19-22). And when I was in a building I turned over tables and released doves and animals being sold. Do ye not remember? My House is the House of Prayer! It says in the same word do not be sleeping when the owner arrives (Matthew 24:42-51). For he shall come as a thief in the night! Mark 13:32-37. Hello nice to meet you. I Am Truth! Did you see me write in the comment section while you were speaking through? This Revelation is a scribe and will come to pass too. John 14:15-17. Do not lean unto your own understanding, for if you have wisdom understand these words I write to you. Do not continue to grieve the Holy Spirit and not seek me diligently and if ye shall seek then ye shall find me and I abide with thee with me. Refer to your video something amiss. Food or gifts? Celebration of pagan holidays or Praying without ceasing? My word has been misinterpreted and My words have become mankind’s words. Everyone preach what they say I Am going to do and want me to abide by their word? Their ministry? Whatever happened to the Lord’s Ministry? Even as you do for the least of these then you have done for me. I see much hunger, much homelessness and oppression. People have more resources than most know what to do with. Is this how My creation use The Holy Spirit Gifts? How can you celebrate anything in this world, when you go outside and see suffering, hurt, and pain? Some with no one to talk to, no where to rest comfortably at night. Some do not have anything to celebrate with and yet the world is repetitious in all it does? Invite Family and friends to the dinners, parties and celebrations (Luke 14:7-24). I did not send anyone to speak for me. I required thee to do as me. heal the sick, help the widows, orphans, fatherless. How many have truly done the works? For it is written I will gather the remnant myself Jeremiah 23:1-8. This will be a testament tried and true. These words will not return void. Take Heed and SEEK! Know that Ezekiel 13 is at hand and it will be so. To add to this Revelation I give to you which will begin on Christmas Eve even unto their New Year’s celebration. Jeremiah 5:13. This is on the horizon. I do not want anyone preaching anything about the Lord. I want all in this season to pray without ceasing. Weeping and mourning at the altars. This day forward them who disobey this Forewarning will suffer the consequence of the Scriptures just posted. It is best to read this aloud for ears to hear.( Not just you but all who read this through this feed) to know that, The Day of The Lord is near! Woe to you who long for the day of the Lord! Amos 5:18-27. This is not a joke I Am not pretending to be something I Am not. My thoughts are not of your Thoughts and My ways are not of your ways. Faith and Believe in me I Am the mediator between the Father and earth inhabitants. It is Truth, as you read further it convicts your Spirit too. Remember not to think the Day of the Lord will be as you think. I have Spoken. father may you allow the readers and listeners of this scribe know that it is I and that I will accomplish my alien task Isaiah 28:19-29. For I Am in search of My sword…. Take Heed! Hear what the Holy Spirit says to the churches. Shalom!
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  14. Iyanii Bless

    JZ ? The Blood The Blood The Blood oh Bro Of Jesus Christ !!!!
    I told you No Lie !!!

  15. Melinda Dunbardietiker

    OK, J’s time is up! He worth more dead than alive now! He going 2 b sacrificed. Wether it b B or the elites, he gone! He going swimming n the LAKE OF FIRE! 🔥💯👀

  16. fread robben

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