Jay-Z Opens Up About Consistently CHEATING On Beyonce & Considerably Far more! (2017)

Jay-Z Household Feud Video http://bit.ly/2qMhXsI


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  1. Beauty Mamaehis

    jay Z for the next American president his sense of humour is magical.another Obama in him.he is an experienced man

  2. VuittonDon13

    OJ was always black no matter if he liked it not. That’s not even remotely the issue. Jay aligned himself with the suits (just like the one he has crossed his legs to speak with) who ALL LIED to you Liberal Lunatics that Hillary had 98% chance of winning!

    Get a fucking clue Everybody! Real people dont give a fuck what the Establishment wants or their "so called Agents of Change"are Pushing. Anybody white, black, red, and yellow with half a clue and a little discernment can see straight through these FRAUDS!

  3. Fani Dimitrova

    people will always think in stereotypes,no matter how much you fight… u r black for that, but u talk white..people are never satisfied no matter what u do for them. keep up with the songs, everybody needs to walk their paths alone to realise all the good and bad things of all races, and that we are all just people

  4. Just taken back by you right now Sean I’ve always appreciated your craft as an artist but the person I never really seen but today I seen Sean Carter Thank you for making me see who you are Thank you for Fighting for understanding and Thank you for sharing You with us that in it’s self has gotta be hard Thank you for evolving to the sensei in consciousness

  5. DreamBeatsBakery

    If you make it as a man you EARN THE RIGHT to as many women as you please because every woman wants that one successful guy. Beautiful women slide into the DM’s of successful actors and pro athletes, while ignoring the average men showing interest in them. There are millions of good, stand-up guys who get absolutely nothing from women who ruthlessly pursue only the very best genetics for their offspring so If a man can set himself apart to such a degree he has the RIGHT to pick and choose as women ALWAYS do throughout their whole life’s.

  6. It would be cool if people were interested in depth all the time, and not just when it comes from someone they already respect. That would be a step forward as well.

  7. King blah blah

    Wow thiz interview really impacted me never new jay was this mature..the part when he said that when someone says why you looking at me and wants to fight usually they are in pain..damn thats deep.. Guess we all in a pain to a degree myself included..that part made me look at shit differently.. Most folks not mean or agressive or just want to start shit.. 9x outa ten they are in pain and most dont like to admit cuz it looks weak so you turn pain to anger… Very lifechanging interview here.. Makes me want to be a better person and I will… Thanks jay I needed to hear this… More then you’ll ever know

  8. Dumisani Dlamini

    Flip, what an honest interview from The Greatest Of All Time…..Thank you Jay. I grew listening to your growth story.

  9. I woke up to this video suggestion… I grew up listening to J, and OMG this brother grew up! Thanks for the enlightenment. I pray we all take something positive from this interview. God bless us all. Amen.

  10. Hate the title! Another note, humans are so advanced but yet dwell on things that happened 100’s of years ago. It’s ignorant to NOT acknowledge our color, but it’s IGNORANT to think we are still different after so many years. JUST BECAUSE OF COLOR!

  11. Raymond Marcial

    Doesn’t he understand this is a slave therapy session white Man evaluating a black Man with his ignorant-watch what does jay z think he’s not the guinepig watch the therapist mannerisms haha this is so fucking sad they got jay Man shaking my godam head watch how they herded him into the room it’s the modern day inslavement this was an experiment just look!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jordan Bratcher

    This was an excellent interview. I’m dissatisfied with the ending…it just felt unfinished. Or maybe I just wanted more. But this still made me feel good.

  13. Sarah Vanderhoff

    Every question this guy asks JZ says “well, no…” – halfway through the interview the interviewer is realizing he misjudged JZ when he was writing up his questions


    I don’t understand why everyone so obsessed with him! He’s average. Just a normal human being trying to survive this thing called life

  15. Maryann McQueen

    for me the story of O.J. is that his color is not part of the picture, he murdered two people he is a murderer not white or black

  16. Brian Gosik

    I’m not arguing with the message and knowledge jay z is talking about, just kinda think he couldve picked a better example than oj lol I mean seriously

  17. Nichelle Richardson

    Not a big Jay fan but I really enjoyed this his conversation. Couldn’t stop watching, only disappointment is the TITLE

  18. David 'Kode' Fonseca

    Boy was this title the most click baitiest I’ve seen in some time haha. Not as scandalous as the title will have you believe. Great interview!

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