J.P – 2nd Location Hip Hop Solo Senior / Dance Fest Novi Sad 2014 / AQUA

The functionality of JP at Dance Fest Novi Sad 2014 exactly where she won 2nd Location (de facto 1st place along with BNG).

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How To Learn Hip Hop Moves By DVD

Hip hop is a quite hot commodity! It is quite considerably the dance style of the moment. There are competitions and Television shows to watch. Hip Hop Dance Crews have become internationally popular celebrities filling enormous venues. It is a quite creative and ever establishing and evolving dance style. It is a fantastic way to meet people as it is ideal completed in a group or a ‘crew’. There are no strict rules like there are in, for example ballet. You can actually express your self and be inspired by any type of dance and incorporate the moves into your personal choreography.

So you want to find out hip hop dancing? Where do you commence? Numerous profitable and popular hip hop dancers started out by watching DVDs that taught them how to dance. This is because the standard dance moves can very easily be learned by DVD and the rest is up to you. There is a lot of creative ‘room’ in hip hop which is why it is frequently quite effortless to watch hip hop by your self and pick it up quite quickly, adapting the style to suit yourself.

The DVDs generally will teach you some basic moves and the rest you can create on your own soon after you have learned the fundamentals. The DVD can also be watched in the comfort of a location of your selection this is why a lot of men and women choose to start out learning by DVD since it can be done in privacy. People prefer to dance in privacy due to the fact they are usually fearful of what other individuals will believe of them when they dance in public. Dancing is difficult when the dancer feels uneasy so this is why for specific men and women it may possibly be very best to dance in the location of their option and only with the folks of their selection watching.

Be confident to keep an open thoughts when you are preparing to find out how to dance through a DVD. A DVD can not answer questions but it can offer you with numerous of the answers to the queries you want to ask. Do not be judgmental and consider that you can not discover something from the DVD or else it just may well grow to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Maintaining an open thoughts tends to make a huge difference rather than shutting yourself out mentally and expecting to not be capable to learn something by means of a DVD. Don’t forget some of the greatest dancers of our age began out finding out how to dance by watching DVDs.

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  1. Али Рамазанов

    и зачем так орать. ? было бы хоть круто я тогда понимаю. а тут .. ерунда какая то..

  2. Gloria Hanefeld

    Well I don’t do that type of hip hop I don’t do what she’s doing only at the start I can do a little bit of that

  3. M. Golkaram

    serious question! is 27 too late to learn hip hop? I already dance advance modern jive and Tango for years, but hip hop seems to be for teens?

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