Hip-Hop Artists to Watch in 2016

Rappers to Watch in 2016

Let me know if you like these varieties of videos!

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Artists to watch in 2016:
Jazz Cartier – The Valley/Dead or Alive
Sylvan LaCue (QuESt) – Automatic
Luke Christopher – Hell of a Rhyme
King Los – Ghetto Boy
Wil$on – 93
Bankroll Fresh – Hot Boy
Fabolous – Gone for The Winter

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  1. Syndicate Creations

    Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee yall look at my shit on my channel i put my heart and soul into this rap shit fr rs im working on an album i really could use the support

  2. Jesse Heron

    LOS goes hard as fuck on a freestyle! So why most his songs suck so bad? Lyrically he’s dope, i feel the same way about crooked i. opinions?

  3. I understand that Fabolous has been in the rap game for a long time. Not only am I showing upcoming rappers but also "artists to watch".

    In fact I was right about Fabolous releasing a new project (Summertime Shootout 2).

    Just some clarification 😉

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  5. all of these artist are straight trash same as flow rapping fast over a trash ass beat some adhd beat no boom bap fucking these lil faggots ruining hip hop being supported by a generation of faggots niggas put FAB ON HERE FABOLOUS IS AN UPCOMING ARTIST ???!!!

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