From DJ Screw to Lil Pump: How Lean Became Hip-Hop’s Addiction | Genius News

Known as lean, sizzurp, purple drink and hi-tech (among other names) the drug-fueled drink of Promethazine Codeine cough syrup mixed with soda or candy has been referenced in more than 30 percent of rap songs that reached the prime ten of Billboard’s Hot one hundred in 2017 – which includes Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Future’s “Mask Off.”

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  1. Why am I seeing this bullshit? I don’t give a shit about hip-hop and all of the jailbirds associated with it should be lined, shot, and dumped in a shallow grave. (and no, I’m not white.)

  2. MrFlipperInvader782

    4:10 future don’t drink lean so he a lying see nigga

    4:35 also funny he didn’t get the white girl to say the nigga bit

  3. This is the way I see it, if it originated in Houston then leave it all to Houston.. cuz all this new rappers are making us look bad.. In Houston we seen it all, the dead’s of are legends (Dj Screw, Pimp C n Big Moe). If them new schoolers don’t learn what the old schoolers been through. Then I highly recommend them not fuck with this shit.. Lean is a real drug that gets you hook like crazy..

  4. marcus Jamison

    Take notes from a Dr.dont drink other people liquid codeine,every single bottle that’s prescribe to a patient it’s for that individual health and may have something extra in it that your body may not be able to handle are may be allergic watch what you sip,because everyone heart beats different,are it will stop if you drink the wrong sip.

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