4 R&B Chords For Newbie Music Producers

Are you getting trouble playing chords in your beats? Or when you make a beat does it really feel or sound like one thing is missing?

Adding chords to your beats will give your beats an edge more than other producers because you will be capable to play melodies that most producers dream of….

Click Below To Find out How To Play Chords In Your Beats Fast!

Piano Secrets

From: kevin barnes



  1. James Robinson

    I love that progression! The iv-dim vii- i- IV7 is CLASSIC! You can hear it in the Tory Lanez song Say It. Which is basically a remake of the Brownstone song called If You Love Me.

  2. kingsouther

    and go through the unique arpeggiated rhythm of the chords you did at the end! ur waaaaay too fast for me to comprehend! I couldn’t figure it out watching three times what you did!

  3. Alexander Olson

    As a guitarist who is finally trying to get literate with synthesizer and keyboard, this is great! Thanks so much for spreading the knowledge.

  4. Daddy'sGirl2

    I appreciate the simplicity of your tutorial…so many are technical in their explanations but sometimes you just need someone to simply show you each finger one by one. Thanks for sharing!

  5. 1st Chord: Eb Minor 9 = Eb, bass note + Gb Maj7 [Gb, Bb, Db, F]
    2nd Chord: F7b9 = F bass note + C dim7 [Gb, A, C, Eb]
    3rd Chord: Bb min7 = Bb bass note + Dbmaj [Ab, Db, F]
    4th Chord: Eb add9 = G bass note + Eadd9 [F, G, Bb, Eb]

    Key: Db Maj

  6. my dude!you are an excellent TEACHER!I’m learning alot,and it’s taking my production to heights unknown. …..thank CHETOONZ PRODUKT RUSH!! look for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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