Fetty Wap new girlfriend news! Cutie named Fortunate! Adore and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 rapper! #LHHH

Fetty Wap new girlfriend news! Got woman’s daughters names tattooed on his chest, left her and is now with this cutie named Lucky! Enjoy and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 rapper is a rolling stone Jesus!


From: MEET Magazine

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  1. let me tell u what makes him appealing…he’s a trick with a long di**, and he loves to lick….he will wife a bitch up real quick a d judging by that those girls he choose give some fire head.. Pu$$y don’t make men break bread no more is that mouth and booty hole..wink wink…yessss!

  2. Timika Smart

    lol…I knew he wasn’t go be with that girl krystal to long with the 2 little girls that he got tatted on him……….and every girl he get with they be thinking they got his ass they be on here moving they hair around blowing kisses showing they ass so the other bitch can get mad that he was with a week before them…..lol… they pretty but bum is shit…now he with this girl but only until next week……

  3. Blahh Blahh

    This nigga got these females in rotation FOR REAL. Every 3 months he got a new chick! Idk what type of games they playing but I wouldn’t even want to have dealings with him like that.

  4. Money, money, money…that’s what it’s all about. If I had to get money by losing my self dignity, respect, and reputation, you can have it. Every woman that he’s been with have problems from being with him.

  5. It’s because 1. Fetty BLEW up ! 2. If you think about it all these rappers rapped about trap , and drugs and chicks for years! but Fetty was the one who pretty much summed it all together n Brought TRAP Queen that’s why even jay z and Kanye got his attention because that’s the word everyone looked for. ! and yes these hoes think it’s cute , 3) He ghetto but he has money! 4 . Fetty wap isn’t ugly , he got good features and his kids are cute 5. He’s such a good guy. EXCEPT TO WOMEN LOL . He’s a good loyal man to his team . EXCEPT WOMEN .

  6. confused why the fuck would you tattoo the other chicks kids name then. something is really wrong with him facts. he’s gross why bitches still fucking him. is he still popping I haven’t sang a ferry song in ages. these build a bitches need to purchase some self esteem instead of fake tatas and ass and whatever else they into. smh

  7. DaRatchet CoCo

    Lol he bored! I b bored too. Lol they all! B fighting. Just to get to come to my house! To b seen on TV. Wit him! Ion care I fucks anyways lol #Boss😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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