Eminem & Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg Speak ‘Revival,’ Future of Hip-Hop, Trump | Billboard News

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In this week’s Billboard cover story, Eminem and his longtime manager Paul Rosenberg, the newly-appointed chairman/CEO of Def Jam Recordings, discuss ‘Revival’ reaction, the future of hip-hop, and the rapper’s thoughts on President Donald Trump.

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From: Billboard News

Hip Hop Music? Ought to Your Ears Or Eyes Choose?

When rap first became available to consumers in the 1980’s, artists had been initially perceived to be a rarely noticed neighborhood urban legends. Compared to the classic genres artists had been becoming marketed in, rap artists names were spread by street credibility and word of mouth. The artists job was simpler to focus on the art and individuality their music, and the demand of image maintenance, promotion as noticed today have been not as relevant due to the reputation of hip-hop not yet becoming an international billion dollar business. Although numerous perceived the explosion of Hip-Hop record sales to be the end of the “street poet” form of expression, lately there has been a resurgence of faceless artists among music aficionados.

It is undeniable that Hip-Hop artists today demand far more promotion coverage and exposure in the now more than-saturated industry. Nonetheless, numerous fans of the genre will argue that the more than advertisement/ bombardment of rap artists advertising themselves on the internet/streets/libraries ect. is more than-whelming. As opposed to other genres that consist of mostly reside music instruments and band overall performance, production of audio files are not as very easily created. In contrast hip hop artists have the potential to sit at a computer for an hour or so and with the appropriate computer software develop a single track that can be directly uploaded onto a disc or social networking site. In addition, fans of the genre are let down when they’ve listened to an artist who clearly has spent more time on photoshopping their mix-tape cover, and utilizing pal adder programs to increase views just before ensuring that they are placing out any good quality music. Hip-Hop fans argue that, although the presentation of an artist adds to the all round worth, it is pointless if the actual music is undesirable good quality or basically a copycat of one more artist who is already well-liked.

The debate more than the originality/good quality of new hip hop artists has been ongoing because the advent of hip-hop becoming an over manufactures art-form desperate for “Hits”. Although they are not prevalent as they when where, passionate, edgy can still be located, and correct fans of hip-hop can find artists who focus far more time on their art than their promotion. If you are interested in experiencing a up and coming Hip-Hop artist who pushes the status quo of Hip-Hop with a really like and passion for music, please visit http://www.youtube.com/ROZEWORLD for an experience like no other.

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  1. em still trying to defend the crap that is Revival. watch it get a Grammy anyway lol. I love how fucked up this world is.

  2. Jonathan Gotti

    What a listening pile of shit! He needs this to up his game! Come back humble not a over the top over opinionated cunt!

  3. Sarah Shady Boulton

    Revival grows on you like river.remind me .framed.bad husband.but miss Dres banging beats defo.lookin by recent pix.we b getting new shit like that soon

  4. Trill Cosby

    If he don’t care then let’s see him make a revival 2. You guys better thank fucking god we called out his bullshit on this album so he can go back to making great music. If you think this is a classic you’re a fucking clown

  5. Fuck the haters
    I bet there the same people hating on today’s hip hop complaining about how no one provides actual lyrics and always mumbling in there songs.
    This generation of fans are stupid fucks .they complain about today’s hip hop yet when Eminem provides reality rap They hate. it’s these very people who are to blame for the demise of hip hop
    Because today’s rappers know full well if they talk about real life issues people won’t appreciate it.
    So they put 10 percent into there lyrics and 90 percent into there beats .

  6. Scott Geoffrey

    I don’t like the way he just assumes everyone who voted for Trump is racist, it is a very narrow mined way of looking at it. People are just conceded of all these extremist and mass illegal immigration that is happening. Trump addressed things that people are worried about and didn’t just scream racist when it was talked about. Eminem is my favourite rapper but I done as he wished and don’t buy his music etc anymore.

  7. Camulus 1987

    Problem is, too many people are stuck on his first 2 albums and don’t appreciate the evolution of his lyrical style and ability. Most of his bars go over your head because they are too clever. Do you want him to keep rapping about Kim and him mum etc. Revival is an amazing album. Appreciate the art

  8. Anyone who thinks revival is not good enough needs to focus on the lyrics more, like it has really deep lyrics with awesome hooks. Its a balanced album having from fun to serious tracks, but maybe not party or songs to get high to.

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    How could I not blow? All I do is drop F-bombs, feel my wrath of attack
    Rappers are having a rough time period, here’s a Maxipad
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    I’m beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God
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    Cause I use it as a vehicle to bust a rhyme
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    Never ask nobody for shit, get outta my face looking boy
    Basically boy you’re never gonna be capable
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    ‘Cause I’m beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God
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    Let off then I’m reloading immediately with these bombs I’m totin’
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    I’m the walking dead, but I’m just a talking head, a zombie floating
    But I got your mom deep throating
    I’m out my ramen noodle, we have nothing in common, poodle
    I’m a doberman, pinch yourself in the arm and pay homage, pupil
    It’s me, my honesty’s brutal
    But it’s honestly futile if I don’t utilize what I do though
    For good at least once in a while
    So I wanna make sure somewhere in this chicken scratch I scribble and doodle
    Enough rhymes to maybe to try and help get some people through tough times
    But I gotta keep a few punchlines just in case cause even you unsigned
    Rappers are hungry looking at me like it’s lunchtime
    I know there was a time where once I
    Was king of the underground, but I still rap like I’m on my Pharoahe Monch grind
    So I crunch rhymes, but sometimes when you combine
    Appeal with the skin color of mine
    You get too big and here they come trying to,
    Censor you like that one line I said on "I’m Back" from the Marshall Mathers LP
    One where I tried to say I take seven kids from Columbine
    Put ’em all in a line, add an AK-47, a revolver and a nine
    See if I get away with it now that I ain’t as big as I was, but I’ve
    Morphed into an immortal coming through the portal
    You’re stuck in a time warp from 2004 though
    And I don’t know what the fuck that you rhyme for
    You’re pointless as Rapunzel with fucking cornrows
    You’re like normal, fuck being normal
    And I just bought a new Raygun from the future
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    Man, oh man, that was a 24/7 special on the cable channel
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    "Hey, Fab, I’mma kill you"
    Lyrics coming at you at supersonic speed, (JJ Fad)
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    I’m never stating, more than never demonstrating
    How to give a motherfuckin’ audience a feeling like it’s levitating
    Never fading, and I know that the haters are forever waiting
    For the day that they can say I fell off, they’d be celebrating
    Cause I know the way to get ’em motivated
    I make elevating music, you make elevator music
    Oh, he’s too mainstream
    Well, that’s what they do when they get jealous, they confuse it
    It’s not hip hop, it’s pop, cause I found a hella way to fuse it
    With rock, shock rap with Doc
    Throw on Lose Yourself and make ’em lose it
    I don’t know how to make songs like that
    I don’t know what words to use
    Let me know when it occurs to you
    While I’m ripping any one of these verses diverse as you
    It’s curtains, I’m inadvertently hurtin’ you
    How many verses I gotta murder to,
    Prove that if you’re half as nice at songs you can sacrifice virgins too uh!
    School flunkie, pill junky
    But look at the accolades the skills brung me
    Full of myself, but still hungry
    I bully myself cause I make me do what I put my mind to
    And I’m a million leagues above you, ill when I speak in tongues
    But it’s still tongue in cheek, fuck you
    I’m drunk so Satan take the fucking wheel, I’m asleep in the front seat
    Bumping Heavy D and the Boys, still chunky, but funky
    But in my head there’s something I can feel tugging and struggling
    Angels fight with devils, here’s what they want from me
    They asking me to eliminate some of the women hate
    But if you take into consideration the bitter hatred that I had
    Then you may be a little patient and more sympathetic to the situation
    And understand the discrimination
    But fuck it, life’s handing you lemons, make lemonade then
    But if I can’t batter the women how the fuck am I supposed to bake them a cake then?
    Don’t mistake it for Satan
    It’s a fatal mistake if you think I need to be overseas
    And take a vacation to trip a broad
    And make her fall on her face and don’t be a retard
    Be a king? Think not, why be a king when you can be a God?

  10. MichaelJonahTV

    At this point in his career, Eminem DOES NOT need to be "in tune" with anyone! He is making music for himself, and that’s what all of these critics don’t fucking realize. This is the music HE WANTS TO RELEASE. The Trump stuff is genuine, he tried new flows and hooks we’ve never heard from him before, and he is older and mature! His core fans understand this, and regardless of any change, the lyricism will ALWAYS be there which is what a true Em fan appreciates the most!

  11. 7rue Op1n1on

    History Lesson:
    The American government abolished slavery, allowed Black people to live amongst White people in America, and even allowed them to become citizens. Black people were known as grateful, happy people, and they were starting to gain respect by the majority of White people although they weren’t as educated due to years of slavery. Black people like White people were being educated in Southern regions of America to better their chances at having a bright future. Some Black people stayed, and learned, while the majority travelled North acrossed America looking for work that didn’t require having an education. Due to not having many funds, they would live in poor neighbourhoods occupied by White Italians in some cases, wherever was affordable to them at the time, and eventually they took over. The offspring they raised who didn’t respect the idea of having to learn to make money would drop out of school, steal, and commit other crimes to make lots of money. Once that started happening, more Black children would see their peers coming to school wearing new clothing, and nice shoes, so they wanted to live that life. Therefore they would drop out to chase that dream of gangbanging. They would impregnate multiple women, but not stick around to raise the children, so more black boys were growing up without a father figure, and would resort to gangbanging because it’s all they knew. Again, the Government tried to help by tearing down buildings that were used as drug, and gang hideouts, but once again gangbangers would just takeover other buildings that were occupied by families just trying to survive the 9mm flybys. Meanwhile the small amount of Black people who stayed in school, grew up to be doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and athletes just like any other race. The idea that black people have it worse for no reason is just a ridiculous statement with no proof. It’s not black people who have it worse, it has to do with the people dressing, and talking like thugs regardless of what race they are. "Thugs" have been showing aggression to White people, cops, women, and even other Black people for many decades to "prove themselves". That’s why cops are wary around them, and tend to react quicker than they would somebody who is a clean cut man regardless if they’re Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic. I was told this by a wise OG I spoke to at a Chicago Bulls game in Illinois, he completely opened my eyes to the reality of America, and the reality of American television. Please do more research before believing the medias narrative. I wish Eminem had of done that, I’ve been a fan since the Slim Shady LP and still am regardless of track 4, and 9 on Revival.

  12. The problem I have with “Revival” is it doesn’t really sound like a rap album, it’s got too many features that are pop and r&b, the beats are underproduced, not like the classic hard core snare kinda beats by Dre and em himself, the lyrics are mediocre I can tell he’s free styling more than actual writing, the Rick Rubin production just doesn’t fit well with Em general sound so I give the album a 3 out of 10

  13. Chris Gibson

    Revival wasn’t bad I didn’t like it at first but after I listened to the Album a couple more times I grew to appreciate it. My 3 favorite Eminem albums is in order the Eminem show recovery and Marshall Mathers LP. I have enjoyed allhis albums. I have been a fan of em since I heard mmlp when I was in 7th grade I’m 30 now. Eminem is the Goat

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