DJ Envy Exposed As A Closet Freak? | Hip Hop News And Gossip

Even though You Were sleep these text messages emerged of DJ Envy’s alleged lover!! Click Right here For Complete Story

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The Game -a Multi Award Winning Hip Hop Artist

The Game born Jayceon Terrell Taylor is a multi platinum award winning Hip hop artist who rose to fame as component of G-Unit and has given that continued this good results as a solo artist. The Games videos and songs are an integral portion of who he is. He brings real authenticity to his music and this has led to steady accomplishment as a Hip hop recording artist. His 1st solo album was released in 2005 and it was entitled The Documentary and it spawned the hit rap singles How usic videos which helped to propel the album to quantity 1 on the Billboard Best 100 and to sell five million copies worldwide.

The Game released his second album entitled Medical doctors Advocate in November 2006 on Geffen Records. The album debuted at quantity 1 on the Billboard Leading one hundred chart producing it The Games second number one album. We Do and Hate It Or Love It Each of these tracks were accompanied by typically cool and genuine Game mThis was an outstanding rap album with a host of hot producers which includes Scott Storch, Swizz Beats and Kanye West creating the beats. The Games videos and songs released to assistance this album included Its Okay (A single Blood), Lets Ride and Wouldnt get Far produced by Kanye West which have been warmly received by critics.

The Game released his next album entitled LAX in August 2008 and once more the top quality of The games videos and songs on this album was high. The album debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Leading 100 promoting 238,000 copies in its initial week. Singles released to promote this album incorporated Games Pain featuring Keyshia Cole, My Life featuring Lil Wayne, Dope Boys featuring Travis Parker and Camera Telephone featuring R&ampB sensation Ne-Yo. After once more The Games music videos to market these songs had been featured heavily on MTV and all the major Hip hop video stations in the US and became massive favorites with the fans.

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  1. Beverly McFadden

    So what if he is he’s a grown ass man living his own life. Why do you care like do you wanna slide in his DM’s cause you looking for freak shit so low key you must be a closet freak yourself.

  2. I hate society they quick as fuck to believe this shit the person can be texting anybody and put dj envy name. I can text my friend and change the name to Michael Jordan lol

  3. Maybeline Claire

    I can’t STAND fuckers like This! If I’m a freak in the bedroom ain’t nobody’s FUCKIN BIZ!! Mofos don’t have a life that’s what.

  4. D'Angela Marx

    Damn he still cheating on the wife ? After he done cried on air abt how beautiful his wife is and how he is lucky to have her. gimmie a fkn break dude.

  5. Im hearing alot more of these niggas getting they lor ass hole played with shit is way outta control and niggas promoting the shit

  6. Queenie pearl

    You slow bro or a grate pretender
    So what he’s married .. Those are the freak in the Pandora box are not fooling me ..

  7. seven grow7

    The real question is…where is ol girl? I’m saying though my niggaz and niggettes where os the bitch who sent it? What’s the account info?

  8. Marcus Cotton

    Homie a CLOWN LOL smh if his ass don’t get the biggest donkey of the day, CTG and the breakfast club hella LAME.

  9. Roderick Julius

    I put nothing pass about theses in the closet guys Charlemagne is another one yee been telling us for years lmao

  10. EarthAngel_A.i.

    If anyone know.. back in the day. the 1 earring in the ear meant you were bisexual. this was a 90’s thing. so. seeing him with that 1 earring and knowing the meaning of it, make me very suspicious of him

  11. I fucked a few trannys. Still feel straight , still got my Maine squeeze. Convicts do this kind of thing. Sorry but 90% of niggas behind bars at least get head from a tranny in prison if you done more then 6 years. Let’s keep it 100% if you kissing niggas with a Mustache and playing with your asshole your a faggot. Sorry but stop lieing guys we’re perverted motherfuckers but DJ envi is gay if that shit is real.

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