CLASSIC R&B FUNK 80’s DISCO SOUL OLD School MIX 7: Various Artists

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From: ilayda bekaroğlu

Pick Up Artists

Pick up artists know what women want.  Appropriate?  Nicely, it depends on if you know what a choose up artist actually is.  If you think a pick up artist is some guy with hundreds of canned lines, who has a smooth style and has a hypnotic effect on ladies, you are incorrect.  That’s just the stuff you read about in fantasy books.


Actual choose up artists are normally just regular guys.  They’re average in looks.  They have standard jobs and normal lives.  So, what’s their secret?


Accurate choose up artists have one factor they do well.  They have self-assurance.  They’re not afraid to stroll up to beautiful women and commence talking with them.  They are not nervous when a lovely lady walks up to them and starts smiling or talking with them.  They recognize that they’re appealing to the hot ladies around them, so they determine who they want to be with.  They have comprehensive manage over their dating lives.


Self-confidence is the sexiest characteristic a man can possess.  Ladies want and expect you as the man to be confident and take the lead.  All pick up artists are aware of this reality, and use it to their benefit.  Confidence is what makes them in a position to stroll up to a beautiful lady in any scenario.  Simply because they’re confident in themselves, they can get a gorgeous lady to smile, laugh, and get her telephone number with ease.


There are a few tricks and guidelines that I can assist you with, such as understanding how to study a woman’s physique language, that can aid you refine your capabilities.  The fraternity of choose up artists is not for a chosen handful of.  It is for any individual who’s willing to step up to the next level.




If you would like to watch a Cost-free VIDEO of me approaching appealing ladies in the genuine globe, starting fascinating conversations, creating attraction and receiving telephone numbers and dates, then watch the free video right here now:

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  1. Chocolate Caramel Cream

    1. I Just Got to Have You (Lover Turn Me On) ~ Kashif
    2. Someday We’ll All be Free ~
    3. Take Your Time ~ SOS Band
    4. Dance With Me ~ Rick James
    5. Make Up Your Mind ~ Aurra
    6. Can’t Keep Holding On ~ Second Image
    7. Let’s Go Dancing ~
    8. If You Feel It ~ Thelma Houston
    9. If You Should Ever Be Lonely ~ Val Young
    10. Pleasure Principle ~ Janet Jackson
    11. @ 44:50 ~ WTF

  2. ReginaldDj Thomas

    As A Professional Dj Myself Since 1978 You made A Lot Of Mistakes On This For One You Had Dead Air In The Middle Then You Played The Same Beginning Tracks Over I Suggest Set Up A Play List And Work From There And Never Play The Same Song Over Again Plus Your Blending was Off On A Few Tracks. Keep Working At It ReginaldDj

  3. Retina Cooley

    I’m cleaning and trying to leave work for home…hearing the beats and rocking to them. Then I start rocking for real, around 1:14:or so, because I began hearing the beat from Madagascar (the animated movie) King Julius singing, "I like to move it, move it". I just start laughing. I love it when I hear the old school, originals that are being sampled or remixed today. Thank you.

  4. James Weeks

    Thank You for visiting my alternate channel (This channel). For my newest mixes (released weekly) visit the flagship channel, "James Weeks" Thank You.

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