Ciara – I Bet

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From: CiaraVEVO

one hundredone hundred


  1. Jay Hornbuckle

    Man this makes me miss my fiancee every time I hear this cause she is talking dead to me. Sorry baby hopefully one day you will forgive me

  2. Eddieberto Ramos

    I cry my self to new answer but child I wait on them.ill think but the nobs wont turn the door open.the gate is rite their. I jump to everything I hear or heard.i ask myself why sorry

  3. Eddieberto Ramos

    I just don’t want to lead me up my mindless thought of being 34yrs old being so dumb for what im use to.I told myself to believe that beginnings wont have endings but they do huh.

  4. I am unhappy, about the current state-of music and rights-in the US. The same old tune-the producer, makes all of the money-the performers, are abused-and poor. Mumbai.

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