Cardi B Can’t Think Winning Very best New Hip Hop Artist Award @ BET Hip Hop Awards

►Cardi B Bet Hip Hop Awards 2017 wins Ideal New Hip Hop Artist & Hustler Of The year Award. Red Carpet, Efficiency and Grammy

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  1. Zaira Salas

    Snow tha product is a much better rapper i am disapointed in the music industry’s. Cardi B is nothing compared to her. She just gets no credit because shes not showing ass and titties.

  2. MzJohnson_ Lewis

    Ten years ago, people hated the same way about Kim K. this bitch still ballin 10 years later. Do you Cardi! If you thinks she’s trash don’t listen to her! It really is that simple. Sex sells, Its been proven for centuries. Let her live her best life.Trashing her will only make her more popular Just saying

  3. Genetic Warrior

    Her fame is a set-up. It’ll be short-lived. She’s not talented. Anyone who ever invested in 304’s seen this movie before.

  4. Tracy KaPoni

    Crazy tho…how young ma had the same opportunities but where she at? I guess she wasn’t tryna exploit homosexuality LIKE THEY WANTED HER TO…like she just does her and I’on think she tryna sell out either. LIKE, YOUNG MA SHOULD BE GETTING THIS CLOUT TOO…AND SHE DIDN’T JOCK A SONG FROM NOBODY ELSE….IT WAS HER OWN SHIT….

  5. Tiffany Allen

    FUCK THAT BITCH WITH HER IN LOVE WITH THE COCO SOUNDING ASS!!! They could have gave that shit to Young Ma. That whorish ass Bodak bullshit!!

  6. Capitán pan

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  7. 😒bet that’s the only one😒and I bet that BITCH doesn’t even win a hip-hop AWARD 🤒own God and she’s STRESSING BITCH’S whould let a MTF bag her with FAKE jewelry well guess what THOT you came from that+Will still do the same if that NIGGA who you was with in jail friend didn’t write that rap you fucking bomb ASS bitch😒ion fuck with that hoe,THOTY ASS bitch

  8. Vince Venussexyassss

    Y’all broke asses to s hater y’all all sitting here mad and hating bet y’all Cochise stank bull backs on the line and we’re yo man at bitches prolly on the Hoe stroll tryna bag a bitch y’all some dick rider suck ball house hold tricks lol

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