Bryan-Michael Cox In The Studio Making A R&B Beat!!

Multi grammy award winning, super producer, B. Cox streaming live in the studio on three/28/16. It is not really usually (IF EVER) you get to see a producer of BMC status Develop Reside in the studio. He lets the planet in on his inventive approach. Rnb Beatmaking. Fire!

From: FideTheProducer



  1. B Cox is a musical genius…the stuff he did on Ideal’ s album (Get Gone, Creep In) back in early 99 changed R & B,then he transcended on Day 26’s project….dope .

  2. Dwayne Cobb

    Not comparing their styles, but when it comes to raw talent, I put B. Cox on the same level as Rodney Jerkins, Manuel seal, etc. The great R and B producers.

  3. Jaye Johnson

    He spoke at my graduation and if you think he is deep on the equipment you should hear whats in his head. Humble but effective. Anyone know what notes he is playing? This dude is Top scale period.

  4. Jon Martinez

    audiodopebeats totally agree with the bass line comment. I’ve been doing since 08 and have kept slamming the real bass lines in my work. it’s been hard to stay doing it with the style fading more and more but the piece just sounds so much better with that traditional bass line in it.

  5. audiodopebeats

    Yo Fide, thanks for this upload! I was watching this before I had class yesterday, but I didn’t get to finish watching it. Man, once he added that Trillian synth bass patch and the sexy lead pitch sine, it was a wrap for me! I loved how he talked later on in the video about having original basslines, and not following the 808s. Nothing like a smooth, played subbass! Dude, please make a Periscope or something! I am dying to see your process also!

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