Beyonce’ – Upgrade U | WilldaBeast Adams | Beyonce’ Series pt.1 | Filmed by @Brazilinspires


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Choreography by WilldaBEAST Adams ( &
Janelle Ginestra (

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From: WilldaBeast Adams

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  1. İrem Karakan

    This coregraphy is perfect. I been watching four years and it still awesome :)))!!!!

    ALSO. in 5:30, IS THIS JOSH KILLACKY, ???? if it is I’M SHOCKHED !!

  2. Bethany Cameron

    wonna go to the beach suzie flats lumps hairy back paul from gloucester not paul cameron razzesx friend no one looks at you no shaoe look at you nasty hairy bad suzie stench fabalouso 0kz keep it up nasty wash shape eay to do kill your then show leeann say it again

  3. 0:38 and 3:44 the girl with the black singlet and gray pants she twerk 😍😍😍😍
    4:51 the guy with the red singlet damn 😍

  4. It’s been four years ago and I’m still inlove with this choreography❤ That blonde girl in the 1st group is sexy af. Her hair making her a badassssssssss ❤

  5. Bethany Cameron

    walk on a beach razzas so good friends and teacy cameron and mr cameron saying get in shape kill yourself hows teacy sexualy i would die mr cameron go home doo your daughter

  6. 2017 and I still love the hell out of this choreography, every time I play this song in my car I just have to pull up y’all video😂🤗

  7. Bethany Cameron

    listen smell bad youll pay if FBi says youll do what dougie says they hate his guts they gonna go near jury did well one jurier is dead

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