Beyoncé – Hip Hop Star

Beyoncé Featuring Massive Boi & Sleepy Brown – Hip Hop Star, Album: Dangerously In Really like(2003), Columbia Records(SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT)

Slowly as Sir Luscious step up like a Q-Dawg
A-towns up, deuces down its the new get in touch with
And you can dial 1-888-Cut-One thing
Im your kinky operator when you wanna f— anything
Aint no dial tones just milestones, of pleasure to attain
To each and every his personal, Im a stone cold Aquarian freak
Humanitarian, barbarian but under the sheets
Its the player from the Point
And your girl from the D

Are you infatuated with me
I could end your curiosity
If you don’t consider I am also rude
Here’s your chance to make your move

I sit and wait for no one
Individuals say that my style is so crazy
I consider you like it baby
Do you want to get nasty
I dare you to undress me

Baby, let me know if you wanna roll
With this hip hop star
Undesirable boots on pants down low
I’m a hip hop star
Child let me know if you wanna ride with this
Hip hop star
I’m a rock star

Do I blow you away?
Do I stimulate your mind
Would you tasted my enjoy if I GIVE YOU TIME?
I have none to waste with you
I guess you can say
My style is so crazy
I believe you like it infant
Do you want to get messy
I dare you to undress me

Baby, let me know if you wanna roll
With this hip hop star
Undesirable boots on pants down low
I am a hip hop star
Child let me know if you wanna ride with this
Hip hop star
I am a rock star

Undress me undress me
You can come
Come child, undress me

Take off that tank prime and pull off them drawers
The girls all pause, got them drippin down they sugar walls
Aw naw! Getting to the nappy root
Knocking boots and stilettos, damn I keep it ghetto!
A cool variety of fellow, mellow got the gold medal
Never ever settle for less my rose petal
Tooey, tooey, tooey, tooey! Spit game!
Venom to get it up in em, let me p pop that thang
Initial verify her brain to see if shes sane,
Deranged or strange or crazy as hell
You by no means can inform these days
Everybody got a little Rick James in they veins man!

The way I feel oh girl I know its bout to be…..
Me all on you and damn girl you all over me

Infant, let me know if you wanna roll
With this hip hop star
Poor boots on pants down low
I’m a rock star
Baby let me know if you wanna ride with this
Hip hop star
I’m a rock star

From: BeyonceSasha1

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  1. valencia motley

    Wow back when beyonce actually looked like a light skin BLACK woman lol now she look like both her parents are white.

  2. This song was before it’s time! It took 4 years after Hip Hop Star for artists to record similar technique music.

  3. Tracie Rivera

    I’m mostly for the old school music and gospel, but in this new music era, my girl, Beyoncé, rarely lets me down. She and Chris Brown always knows how to please, when it comes to music and performing in these times.

  4. Now what you got , and respect what you don’t. Always walk away with your dignity, even if you live a little. Crazy what the mind can do to the body, I don’t they ready for this jelly LOL if that was great…….I dare you to undress me then I aint gon be able to get rid of ya but thats a good thang…so I’m patiently to pounce..LOL

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