Are Hip Hop Artists Producing Too Significantly Music? | The Breakdown by DJBOOTH

All Def Music presents, The Breakdown by DJBooth, a series asking inquiries and sparking conversations inside the hip hop music landscape.

In this episode Brendan Varan from DJBooth speaks on how the serialization of Hip-Hop is altering the way we listen to music. What does binge listening mean right now?

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  1. Great video, I was thinking the same thing. We definitely need to slow down and truly enjoy these projects. I feel like I can barely keep up cause everyone is always dropping shit like damn let the mixtape/album marinate first!

  2. We are incredibly excited to work with the creative, forward-thinking team that All Def Music has assembled on a handful of new video series. An incredible amount of original video content hits the web on a daily basis, but what separates DJBooth and ADM from the pack is our mutual belief in quality over quantity and the desire to create discussion!

  3. Charlie Liu

    Brockhampton used this specific tactic to saturate the market with their music and I think that’s one of the key reasons for their rise. Also cuz melon head

  4. Gooney Tunes

    That’s a good question, I feel like its true in certain ways that it might be too much but to answer I would say no. Being relevant and dropping new music every week IS the job of an artists these days. But is exactly what keeps an artist relevant. Reason being is the saturation of artists and producers. If you can’t drop new music consistently you’ll be washed by the next artist that can. To me i don’t see it as a problem. I see it as the artist that wants it the most is going to stand out. And i don’t think it dilutes the quality i think the skills to be relevant and make quality music increases this way.

  5. Soheki of S.O.M

    Amen rappers gotta put quality over quantity. The barter 6 and slime season 3 took hella long time to make and were so much better than thugs collab with dj carnage and his project with future.

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