Amara La Negra: Next Huge Female Artist in Hip Hop?

Amara La Negra has caught a bit of attention on the new season of Really like & Hip Hop Miami. Her huge afro and physical look was nitpicked by a producer named Young Hollywood. Amara received an overwhelming quantity of help from viewers right after her appears had been criticized. I decided to do a tiny much more research on Amara, and I can see Amara turn out to be the next breakout hip hop artists from the Really like & Hip Hop franchise.

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Hip Hop Artists Can Distribute, Market And Get Beats On the web

Everyone seems to be talking about how the music market is crashing and it’s not possible to come up these days, but with the capacity to acquire beats on-line, distribute your self worldwide employing the net and market oneself for cost-free utilizing websites… I am not precisely confident exactly where their data is coming from. Sure it is true that illegal downloading and cyber pirating has grow to be somewhat of a problem in the previous couple of years, but it really is blown way out of proportion and it really is certainly not the explanation why the significant industry is seeing so several significantly less sales. The music business is going by way of some dramatic changes but by no implies is the rap game, hip hop or music in basic dying out.

The media is responsible for most of the unfavorable talk about declining record sales for major artists and some seriously bad numbers coming in for the most well-known artists worldwide. It might sound like I’m speaking in terms of conspiracy but it’s accurate that the media as a entire does not want you being aware of the truth, at least I believe that. The main music industry is seeing significantly less sales and for that purpose the market must all be crashing, proper? Wrong. The significant labels are simply losing out on far more sales as independent record labels are beginning to actually see an improve in their overall success.

In 2009 Billboard magazine estimated that 50% of all album/single sales made that year had been by independent record labels and artists! That is a enormous quantity contemplating that for most of music history there has been an undeniable domination accomplished by key record labels. The reason the numbers are shooting up for us and down for them is simply because men and women are beginning to appreciate independents more, but also due to the fact independents are able to promote themselves much less difficult in today’s market. As folks start off to flock towards the independent music scene, the significant labels are gradually losing their touch and seeing significantly less sales each and every project they place out.

So the internet has been blamed for the destruction of the market when it basically is not the truth. In reality, according to each study I’ve noticed that had any legitimacy, only 20% of sales are noticed as a loss due to cyber pirating. That signifies that 80% of music lovers nevertheless get music from their preferred artists and they have no difficulty undertaking so! Inform me, if the vast majority is nonetheless getting, how can it be that the web has ruined something? In truth I believe that the world wide web has brought life back into the rap sector with new technologies.

The internet has created it feasible to market your self on the internet for free, so it’s no longer required to have a huge spending budget to get your self heard. Internet sites such as YouTube, MySpace and Twitter have produced viral marketing and advertising simple to attain and a lot more web sites like this are coming out every day. Not only that but the world wide web has also supplied a lot of much more enormous opportunities for hip hop artists and musicians around the planet. For instance Tunecore, an on the web distribution organization, has now made it achievable for artists to get themselves on significant mp3 retailers such as iTunes, Rhapsody and a lot more for a low, affordable cost that even poor independents can uncover a way to afford. Plus being able to buy beats on the internet has changed the game totally.

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  1. Misz Bella Benzz

    Hey I support it she’s a hebrew queen from tribe of Simeon (dominicians) I’m from levi twelve tribe of israel even though dominicians are so fucking ignorant I CANT stand their prideful annoying asses I see she at least know she is black and loves it and she black skinned she rocking her real curves real booty real hair real skin so that i will always support 👌🏾black hebrew power

  2. nah bruh. she said she was 100% latina. that’s what she said on the show. then when that stupid producer dude was talkin about the way she look she said she was black. ima need her to make up her mind. u cant be 100% one thing AND some of something else. I don’t really like her. at least not yet. maybe she will grow on me.

  3. Natural Fantastic

    She is stunningly beautiful. Glad she hasn’t changed who she is to appease degenerates like that producer.

  4. jessi CuRLz

    I like her . I like her style , look and personality . I don’t like cardi b at all . Dont know why cardi is even a thing

  5. African Americans should travel more. I highly recommend it, stop letting these people put you in a box and an image in your head. It’s about time you guys see the African influence all over the Latin America’s and Caribbean. The Languages, food, culture etc.

  6. Ashanti Traylor

    Why do they hate regular black women so much? It’s sad to be in a world where everyone is brainwashed to hate you jus because of what they heard or how u look.

  7. Apollo VIP costums TV

    Congratulations ‘"Amara la negra Your so talented and Beautiful keep it up amara la negra your going to make it .👏🏽🔥👑🍾

  8. Tee Cee Natural

    I was watching all of her videos this morning. I don’t know a lick of Spanish but the videos and the sound was great! If y’all haven’t watched "Aye" you need to, this heffa is gonna make me start doing 500 squats a day!

  9. I like her, I know dealing with colorism was/isn’t easy. She’s strong and beautiful. She stands out, why the heck would she straighten her gorgeous natural to look like everybody else. Her smooth, chocolate skin is like butter. That dude said "Nutella" complexion seems like he really wanted to say something derogatory. He’s a racist who got the dragging he needed.

  10. iBeautyiStyle

    I’ve been following her for over a year now and I’m proud of her success because shhe constantly works so hard. she’s been performing and singing since she was a child. she’s very. confident as well. I remember sending her a DM longtime ago, telling her she’s going to be a superstar and was so appreciative of what I said. Now look at GOD.

  11. Charlene Moore

    I am rooting for her. Lawd I hope she stays likeable and true to what she appears to be. Breathtaking and ready for her music!

  12. Without the Africans and the Natives you would not have the "Latin" culture we know today. The food, the music, the dances, all originated from the Africans and some of the natives, but mostly the Africans. I’m so glad Amara is representing.

    I keep saying black Americans are being used as pawns. This looser came to produce in the U.S. the music they produce is Rap, hip-hop, R&B and more. Thats Afro American music. They gaved him a platform, its their hard work that gaved him the possibility to even have a life and music "career" in the U.S.

    That looser doesn’t know what his talking about. Why bring Beyonce into this, if I were Beyonce I would block from using my name in petty arguments so it can be televised.

  13. Sheila Walters

    She is beautiful.. Plus her sexy chocolate skin helps, beautiful beautiful queen! && when you left that smart ass Hollywood producer!!! Yesssss I said that’s my girl! Muy caliente 💐

  14. Alexandria Simms

    She is stunning and I wish her the very best. I hope that the industry doesn’t tear her down.

    Let’s that 2018 is the year for real talent. We need a revolution! I’m exhausted by folks becoming "famous" just because they look good or sleep with the "right" and tell the tale. 😒

  15. 2damecuteUK

    I love the fact she is talented and loves who she is, she grounded and has something to say. So she the whole package rapping, singing, dancing performing, representation of black women with natural hair, cultural diversity. The key is always gonna be the music if the song are good then she will sell.

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