Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star Omarion — Gay Rapper Great for the Show | TMZ

Omarion has no issue with gay rapper Milan Christopher appearing on the new season of “Enjoy & Hip Hop Hollywood” … but he also does not want his storyline riddled with homophobia.

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We really like Hollywood, we just have a funny way of displaying it.

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Adore & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star Omarion — Gay Rapper Good for the Show | TMZ

From: TMZ

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  1. Ray-J and Omarion were the ones saying they don’t think he has the credibility of being rapper, but who are they to talk when they’re not even rappers themselves?

  2. TMZ! Lol dude is a R&B artist, fix the title! And fuck gay ppl…. that shit ain’t popular lol and fuck Bruce Jenner! He a ugly old bitch! Next!!!!!

  3. Sara Walker

    yeah they trying to make it popular amongst black people, the L,G,B,T mafia Illuminati community using the Willie Lynch letter for black women not to respect black men, trying to destroy hip hop with these weak ass Uncle Tom n*****, selling their soul to get in the masters house !!!!

  4. I love Omarion. Everything he said was on point. Not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe… So glad he’s on the show!

  5. Kufre Akpan

    omarion is not homophobic, if you actually watch LHHH you would know his storyline is his gf, his mom and his past friend. he doesn’t want to be in the new members drama especially their feud with miles being a closet gay (which makes no sense)

  6. Dewayne Morehead

    Everybody on LHH is irrelevant, including Omarion.He has one hit song in what feels like a decade, which he had to feature two hot artist on.

  7. Contemplating Suicide

    To the comment saying "Omarion only had one hit"..He had a hit a few months ago,but lets not forget his other songs that were like..5 years ago. And honestly, he only had ONE hot artist on the song. chris breezy. Jhene aioko or however you spell her name is not hot. She had one or two hits and they faded away a year ago. So dont try to come for Omarion when you don’t know jack shit about this dude.

  8. Omarion is acting almost defensive here lol and distant when talking to the ‘interviewer’ Seems like he’s hiding something lmao

  9. I’m straight and secure and comfortable with my sexuality, I don’t have a problem being around gay guys cus I know who I am attracted to and men do nothing for me…some of the cast members weren’t having a problem with the sexual orientation, they just thought he didn’t have the credibility of being a rapper, but ppl who are insecure with their sexual orientation need help tho.

  10. Sara Walker

    I think it’s pretty sad how they are trying to normalize this dysfunction, they don’t want to show real loving relationships, in real family lifestyle between a man in a woman, the illuminatis are really trying to work they satanic brainwashing b******* Adam where are thou !!!!!!!!

  11. Good I like how he answered the questions. TMZ is looking for gay bashing, they tried and they didn’t get the reaction they expect to get from Omarion. Good for you Omarion.

  12. Andre hughes

    Omarion is not a good actor. He knows the deal. I’m sure he has gave up the butt or got some butt from his boy fizz or solider boy.

  13. Kufre Akpan

    omarion is not homophobic, if you actually watch LHHH you would know his storyline is his gf, his mom and his past friend. he doesn’t want to be in the new members drama especially their feud with milian being a closet gay (which makes no sense)

  14. Myles Mullings

    whats funny is how when the TMZ reporter asked about a homosexual rapper joining the cast Omarion says "WHO WHATS HIS NAME" LMFAOO ITS TOO MANY HE NEED A NAME

  15. Omarion is such a cool dude! I think he is the only male castmember on Love and hip hop in general who ain’t a dumb, shady ass dude.

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