five Upcoming Rappers 2017

There are so several rappers generating great music and attempting to have their huge break in the music sector. We’re going to name 5 rappers to watch out for in 2017.

Edit: Social Club Misfits are signed to Capitol CMG not Capitol Records. Sorry for the error.

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  1. those 5 are all wack you didn’t even put russ in there he making better music than all 5 of them combined you must not follow hiphop very much

  2. thAt guy 37

    John Givez and Aha Gazelle ? those are my dudes. NF is of course a beast. I love Sho Barakas flow. And Social Club Misfits… are just straight ?. I love the list

  3. Emcee Dezeh

    i just cant flow to this type of trap music, lyrics are dope.
    don’t get me wrong people, i just don’t like it, i do not hate it. its just a style i never got into.
    close i get to this type of style, maybe, Hopsin.

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