With roughly 200 hip hop videos designed every year, all of them require the staple element of voluptuous ladies to dance, shake, or just appear hot. VH1 News wants to discover out specifically who these women are and what goes on behind the scenes of these risqué video shoots.

In this particular report, VH1 News interviews dozens of operating video girls to discover the industry’s secret sexual commerce. When a girl enters the video globe, is she playing the role of sexual prop? Is she compromising herself for a tiny bit of fame? What are the sexual demands placed upon these girls on the video set? The partnership among the video girl and artist and director can get complex. We’ll hear from a lot of girls who refuse to date artists and see video function as “strictly organization.” But at times sex is expected. Some girls lost work because they would not date a director or sleep with a rapper’s ubiquitous entourage. But not all girls know how to say “No.”

We’ll meet some groupies and hear from the industry’s most infamous video girl, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. She’ll clarify how the video girl life-style practically destroyed her life. Today, away from the video world, she hopes other girls don’t adhere to in her footsteps. There is yet another side of hip hop videos known as the globe of uncut. This niche market of videos has far more explicit images and are seen on DVDs and late evening Television. In Fayetteville, North Carolina, we’ll go on set of an independent uncut video for an artist named Large Delph. We’ll also meet Vanity, Princess and Jayda, three strippers from NC, who are selected to appear in Massive Delph’s uncut video. A single is raising a child and the other two are just attempting to survive. They all hope a music video will give them a small bit of exposure, or at least an chance to really feel special. The show attributes rappers like Common, Cam’ron, Mike Jones and Luther Campbell, Trina and Jacki-O as nicely as former video models Karinne Steffans and Melyssa Ford and two casting directors, Ulysses Terrero and Pablo Cornejo, who audition girls for an upcoming video.

From: Hezakya Newz & Music

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  1. Diamonds Whaley

    The men degrade he women for having sex with a lot of men but then say they are having sex with a lot of women. Should they be demeaned and degraded too I’m just saying. I’m sure superheads body count is equal to most of these men what makes them different because they have money.

  2. i see a lot of people from love & hip hop lol most of love & hip hop people are video vixens or people who WERE in their prime and kind of lost it.

  3. TheRealArrendondo

    karrine reminds me of adina howard and Camron sounds so misogynistic and ignorant…or maybe just plain out stupid

  4. Girls wanna fuck anyway. So getting paid while doing it is just a bonus. It’s a win win for em. It’s the men that are dumb for paying these bitches.

  5. The justification of Luther Campbell and the others for why they exploited black women the way they did is just so damn sad.

  6. Laka Roxana

    these so called rappers, casting directors are exactly the problem and its amazing how open they are about this…
    the only reason these girls want you is because of your money you idiot! so you are no different then them if you think about it. You are a whore to the business/money yourself.

  7. ShellzFilms LLC.

    I remmber the first time I worked on music video sets.. I was responsible for hiring video vixens.. I see them all lol. Wow the good ol days

  8. This is why hip hop vids like these are a slippery slope, you need to have enough sense to know that real women are not like this. We do not put our bodies out on display.

  9. CooLikeThat

    They really prey on these young naive, undeveloped, girls. Just bc the law says theyre grown doesn’t mean they actually are.
    The more stupid, naive, insecure, they are the better for them.

  10. Bananarista 1.0

    LOL this some investigative journalism. Good they revealed that rappers like sex. They put an end to the terrible practice of men having sex with beautiful willing participants xD. WTF?!

  11. Renee Louise

    I see some comments talking about "back when women had real bodies" and it’s very clear they missed the point of the whole video ?

  12. Msambitious88

    Crazy Dave’s ain’t open no more most of them hoes was 16 still in high school shut that shit down ??nigga had high schooler stripping

  13. anthony herboomanc

    Why is it that black people black men are always demeaning black women we’re the only group of people that allow women to shake their asses in the videos and Drop It Like It’s Hot it’s disgusting. When are we going to learn that the whole world is watching us and other races are watching how we treat our women

  14. Chelsea Hood

    The fact that those strippers from Fayetteville NC did all of that and did not get ONE DIME for that is baffling to me!! one of them said "I just wanted the exposure" but she is a single mother smh that was so dumb and gullible of her to say. you’re a single mother, you need more than just some exposure smh

  15. Justcallme Justice

    These hoes talking as if they didn’t know what it was.. Pu-leese. They love shaking tits and ass (especially that Karrine Steffans)she keeps playing the victim but then turn right around and continue to be a nasty disgusting hoe. She’s all about the notoriety at any cost.

  16. Im laughing at these chics saying they want respect being a video girls being separated from video ho’s. That’s like strippers saying they want respect cuz they just dancing. We all know the tea. You ain’t fooling no one ladies??

  17. Gina Bonaldi

    every one of those b****** need to just shut the fuk up cuz you know what you’re getting into so if you ain’t down then don’t be bout it b**** and don’t complain about it afterward damn I can’t stand b******

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