#two – 90’s R&B Bedroom Groove (Slow Jams Mix ).mp4

From: Harry Kewell



  1. 2018 ringing in this year!!! Temperature is rising… even tho it’s cold as F. outside whahaa! I love to just simmer away in the flow of these sounds but dear lord these LOINS ;p

  2. listening to this slow jams cookin for my lovely and sweet wife make me want to put a lil something something more to this food if you know what that means ladys

  3. Mysti Shotwell

    Loving this…. Jodeci WHOOOP’ WHOOOOOP!! i hope they got my cuzn’s in the mix(H-Town) i wanna hear some Pretty Ricky too

  4. Andrian Taylor

    Bring back the old days. Whisper Keith sweat Lionel Richard, Whitney Houston, earth wind the fire, boy to Men, baby face Toni Braxton, And Many More,

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