10 Greatest New Age Hip Hop Producers

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Hey guys!
I’m back and these days we will be counting down, in my opinion, the ten very best existing beat producers in rap music. Enjoy!

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Music: Music: Basic Implosion – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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ten – DJ Mustard
9 – London on da Track
8 – Kato
7 – T-Minus
6 – Sounwave
five – Metro Boomin
four – 6ix
three – Mike Will Made It
2 – El-P
1 – Seven

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Hip Hop Beat Machine – Make The Hottest Hip Hop Beats

Seeking for a excellent Hip Hop Beat Machine that you can use to make some hip hop beats?  I’m going to go over what kind of machine is ideal, and which 1 you must think about utilizing.  So whether you are an amateur producer, or an intermediate beat maker, this write-up need to aid to point you in the proper direction.  Let’s get into it beneath

There are two kinds of hip hop beat machines, hardware and application.  Which is greatest?

This is a really common question, due to the fact the software program based hip hop beat machines are becoming extremely well-liked these days.  But are they as good as the hardware versions that folks are utilized to employing?  The answer is yes, and at times they are even better.  Generally the thing that tends to make the software worse than the hardware is the reality that the sounds it has inside of it don’t quite sound authentic.  But with good application you can easily get sound that is just as great, if not better, than the hardware counterpart to it.

Which should you go with initial?

I think computer software is better to start with.  There are a lot of wonderful ones that you can download off of the web, and they are really authentic.  They sound excellent when you have a very good beat and you can easily commence to make music nearly instantly.  The only point that you need to have to make music is your personal idea of how the beat should sound, but any aspiring music producer generally has a beat or two in their head currently.

How to download a excellent hip hop beat machine

You can check reviews online and discover 1 that appears very good to you, but I also suggest a couple.  Below you’ll locate a download hyperlink for the a single I advocate the most

Why don’t you take a appear at the best beat machines? Check out: Best Hip Hop Beat Machines

Download this one now and you can commence generating beats inside a couple of minutes.  It is quite simple to use, and after you have a beat in your head you can effortlessly transfer it to your personal computer, and then play it back to see how it actually sounds.  From there you can tweak it in true-time and try to make it better… Great luck and I hope this assists you out!

So, do you want to commence creating the hottest hip hop beats? Check out: Hip Hop Beat Machine Software program

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  1. YESSS Seven. I didnt agree with any of this list until Seven. lol To die a happy man I just produce a beat with Seven.

  2. CDTVProductions

    Hope you guys enjoy!
    More videos coming soon, and I’ll have a top 10 for Logic’s Everybody album as my next video!

  3. if you like these guys, you should check out calliberbeats, syndrome, and kid ocean. Hopsin also creates all of his own beats and sometimes produces for others

  4. Nuggiez Beats

    man . i disagree so much with you not like metro’s beats for 21 and thinking they’re bland. those are some of my favorite beats by him and he really created a whole atmosphere with that record. ANyway, just surprised you didnt think so.

  5. Wayne Gregory

    what happened to Canei Finch. lot of these dudes sound like they started with a Caneilive beat, and then built on it

  6. Darth Sidious

    Metro should be higher on this, changed hip hop beats through his use of the flute and other techniques. Also where are southside and 808 mafia?

  7. da fat white boy o.g.yungreeper juggalo

    Where is Lex Luger Southside zaytoven djl spinatik you know what there’s so many good people you missed

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